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Friday, January 29, 2010

An answer to Autumn

I met an adoptive mom in the world of blogging. She is also an AF wife, who loves Jesus and leans a little toward hippie-ness. We seem to have some similar interests. So we have commented back and forth over the last six months.
She is actually how I met Tricia, whom I went to see on Wednesday.

Autumn and I have been talking back and forth a bit about adopting. She started to write me an E-mail the other day, then decided to post it as a blog. I think it is worth reading.

Then, you can read my response to it.

Autumn - Thank you so much for sharing - for giving me a view inside your life and heart, and a link to other's who have so much emotion that needs to be shared too.

I spent time in India when I was a teenager, and saw the "never let a child leave the home country" thought process lived out. I know there are a lot of countries, and people in countries, all around the world, that feel strongly that all of their children belong there - no matter what. Emotionally, I can respect that. Having seen where they live, and how, and having been part of a Christian ministry that supports schools and orphanages and sometimes simply buying food for families that can't afford it at that moment - no matter what their religious leanings - well, I didn't want to leave all of them there.
I don't want to "save them". I don't want them to feel grateful to me for the rest of their life. I don't think that has ever occurred to me. Heavens, if I wanted someone to be grateful, I already have that - I pushed 9 lbs out of a tiny hole, and those young'ins wouldn't exist without me. Parents don't have children in order to have someone to be grateful to them - or if they do, they are going to be sadly disappointed. Children question, and frustrate, and antagonize. That is their job. But they also love and give so completely and utterly. They don't think to be grateful. No, I am not trying to "save" someone. I just want to complete my family.
When I was very very young I read a book about a family that adopted lots and lots of children, from all over the world. Their family was literally a rainbow. I always wanted that. Unfortunately, I don't think that is very realistic for us. Two more is probably all I will be able to talk Andy into. He would probably be content with one more. I suppose I am really idealistic. I know that I was.( I am trying to stop.)
I was a Psych major in college, which included a lot of sociology classes. My sister is a sociology major, and calls me on a regular basis to talk. I like to think I am fairly well educated. But, she and I have realized that our family has a problem. Because we ourselves truly and honestly don't see color - all people are just people - we tend to be blind also to the people who are hateful. We are white. I HATE that word. I don't like being identified by my skin color at all. I am curly headed, slightly spacey, wife and mother, hopeful a good friend... but seriously... the color of my skin? But for this example, I will use it. We are white, and are part of the "majority". Thus, we are rarely discriminated against. And because we ourselves truly and honestly do not discriminate against others, we tend to not see when others are being discriminated against. My sister has pointed out to me recently that I am going to have to be a lot more aware in the future. If we adopt a child who has skin that is not the same color as ours, not only is she going to receive discrimination of her own, most likely so will we. Or at least questions.
I have dealt with poverty. I have dealt with more medical issues then I care to think about. I have dealt with Hindu's hating me because I am a Christian, and am in their country. I have been one of the only "white" people (with my family) within 50 miles, and thus stared at. I think I have some understanding of being different then the mainstream. But I have not dealt with loss - not like my child will have. We are hoping for a slightly older child. Perhaps 2 years old. That way there will be no doubt of them being an orphan, unclaimed. However, that also means that they will have spent two years NOT being part of a family. Then, we are going to change their entire world. I am well aware that is going to have life long ramifications.
But - I have complete and utter trust that GOD is leading us where we are supposed to be. I have lots of questions, most days I have more questions then I have answers. But trust is bigger then questions.
An example: There were other boys that I dated, and enjoyed their company, and had similar life goals and personality traits with. We could have married, and been happy, and made it work. But Andy completed me. God put us together. He was the right one.
I am counting on that to happen again. I am sure there are children out there who would fit in our family, and whom we would make it work with. But with each delay in our adoption process, I am more assured that God is leading us to the perfect situation. The child (or children) that will complete us, as a family. They will be the right one.

In response to your thought about anniversary grief and my positive attitude - I think I have allowed the children I already have to feel any and all emotions. I hope I can do the same for all of my children. Anger, doubt, fear and sadness - they are real. I have never tried to turn them off, or tell them they are not allowed. Even bouncy, eternally positive me has them at moments. I hope that my positive attitude helps others feel positive. But I don't expect them to never have a sad day.
I had Andy read this before I posted it and he reminded me of some friends of ours who grew up in foster care here. They stayed in their country of origin. They even spent some time back with their birth parents - back and forth. They still deal with grief and abandonment. Not leaving the country, even being in a (foster) home, rather then an institution, couldn't keep that away. All you can do is love a person through that - one step at a time. Forever.

That is what being a parent is. One step at a time. Forever.

I really appreciate you! Bethany

Autumn has been very helpful to me, introducing me to different points of view that she has already encountered as an adoptive parent. It helps for me to be able to see things beforehand, rather then afterwards, when I am already trying to adjust to a new child too!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tomorrow's surprise finally came

A little over two years ago when I first started blogging I use to wander around the blogging world (just like I do now). I stumbled upon a post about a woman setting up a special trip. She was going out of town, excited about visiting a special friend.

The kicker was that she had never actually met the person before.

She flew across several states to meet in person someone she had been talking to in blogland and through E-mail. Someone she had bonded with, and shared similar traits with, and moments of joy and pain with.

I thought that was just so weird.

Seriously.... w e i r d.

So, here I am, two years later, driving several hours away in order to meet, in person, someone I have been talking to in blogland.
Someone I have bonded with, and shared similar traits with, and moments of joy and pain with.

Tricia and I have only been commenting on each other's blogs for about 6 months now. It's amazing how quickly you can learn to love someone.

Her faith builds me up, her prayers have covered me more then once, and I am so thankful for her friendship.

Today, I got to hug her. God is so good!

Since I am still not "allowed" to drive on the interstate, my wonderful friend Mary drove me north. It made it easier to meet someone new, having her along too. I am so proud of Tricia for being brave enough to come alone!
Tricia lives out of state, but is in GA right now visiting other friends. When we found out we were going to be this close (rather then several states away from each other) we decided that we should try to meet.

My boys nearly sat on "Butterfly" while watching her play the gameboy.

"Butterfly" and Maddy did some drawing.

The Burger King we met at had a wonderful playground...

which the boys played on non-stop.

Even the big girls joined in a couple of times!

"FigNewTon" took a moment out to work on some school and I caught this shot. Isn't this a beautiful picture? I just LOVE homeschooling!

Today was amazing. Meeting Tricia was wonderful. But that isn't really what made it wonderful. I already knew Tricia. We had shared words and prayers, worries and encouragement. Just because I hadn't seen her, hugged her, or heard her laugh - that didn't make her an less real.
What made today wonderful was getting to see her two little miracles in person. You can blog about your children, and what God has done in their lives, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. Her girls will never just be "her girls" that I read about - they will be the amazing young women that I got to meet today.
So really, I met three people today. One that I already knew, and loved, and was just waiting to be able to hug. But also two others that make me so excited for the future, but who make me want to go sit on my kids, to perhaps make them slow down on the growing up?!
Yes, today was a really good day. But I certainly would never have imagined I would be this weird two years ago!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Mondays are always rough - why is that? When I was a kid I thought that was just something that grownups would say. But as I get older (gasp!) I am beginning to think there might be a grain of truth there.
Our Monday this week just kept having changes. We were going to have friends come over to play, then they couldn't come. Andy was going to work at 6pm, then got bumped to 11pm. The weather couldn't make up it's mind what it was doing around here...
Monday just felt long.

Today was lots of errands, and running around (as well as actually running). Once again, a very full day. Good, and rewarding, but full.

I am beginning to wonder if I really am glad that I can drive again!?! Being trapped at home was annoying, but at the same time, it had its perks. It made me stay home, and be quiet and calm.

Tomorrow is my day of adventure this week. I won't say much right now, but tomorrow night watch for pictures. And lots of excitement.
This week is already full - and it isn't even Wednesday yet. 17 minutes to go...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where's George

We spent this afternoon in various rainy day activities. We made veggie soup and grilled cheese sandwhiches, played Mario Kart on the Wii, and worked awhile on my 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. (okay, truthfully, I am the only one who worked on the puzzle. Andy ignored it completely, and the boys tripped over it several times, ruining all progress that I had made so far.... but that is what I get for putting the puzzle board on the floor so I could be with everyone!) Andy talked to his parents and I talked to mine. Our children talked to their parents too - haha!
We played a small portion of Lord of the Rings Monopoly, but the players dropped out one by one. It's amazing how the boys always claim they want to play that, but after two times around the board, they are pretty much done.

Andy spent some time messing around on the internet looking at motorcycles for sale. He goes through stages, and right now he is back in a "I really need a motorcycle" stage again. It's sad really, because I would love for him to have a motorcycle.

The one he found on Craigslist is this year model. (1965 Triumph Thunderbird) Different color, different seat... but very similar. See why I would love for him to have one? Really, I would. I think I would make a great biker chick. Can't you just see me perched up on the back of a bike, riding down the highway? But, every dime right now goes into the adoption fund. He knows that. Truly he does. But he gets distracted for a few minutes now and then. I can't blame him.
Unfortunately, I have to bring him back to reality.

Sometimes I really hate being the responsible adult. Can't someone else have that job for awhile?

Anyway, after I banished motorcycles from the search engine, Andy was just clicking around and stumbled upon a sight called Where's George.

The idea is to enter the serial number of a dollar bill, your zip code, and how you acquired the bill. Then, after you pass it along, hopefully someone else will do the same thing too. You can "follow it". Or, you can see if bills you already have in your pocket have been entered before.
I thought it would be a fun project for some of my homeschool friends.
Go, explore where you money has been. Besides making you want to wash your hands, it may teach you something cool!

I was just re-reading my entry before I posted it and laughed at myself. Truly, can I be any more of a jumble of personalities that don't seem to go together? I love reading and jigsaw puzzles, but also motorcycles and my greasy man who can take one apart and put it back together. Deep theological discussions as well as the latest vampire fiction. I don't think I fit in a mold...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a peek

I got a haircut, and some new highlights today. That's really not that exciting. I did add a little bit darker highlights then usual, instead of only blonde. But that's not the story...
What is always fun when I get a haircut is that they LOVE to blow dry and straighten my hair. I don't know what the fascination is for every stylist I go to. Is it just the challenge? "Is her hair even tamable?"

So, here is a peek of what I look like with straight hair.

Enjoy it while it lasts. You won't see it again for another six months or so!

When I got home, ready for Andy to exclaim over how cute I looked, his first response was "Is it going to stay that way?" (meaning straight) Not, "You look great honey", or "I love those new highlights" - just "Is it going to stay that way?" What? Did he think I permed it straight? I guess it is good to know that he likes my hair curly, (since I am not about to straighten it on a regular basis!) but it sure is frustrating to spend several hours getting your hair done and have that be your only response...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Homemade Bodywash

We are becoming more "Hippie" by the day it seems. Truly, it is not all my fault. Andy contributes too.

I may have been known as "Captain Planet" back in college, for starting the campus recycling drive, and for harping on my roommates constantly to turn off the lights, and tv, and water. But I married my equal.

Andy was the one who pushed through and actually made the homemade laundry detergent. I may have been the one who heard about the idea, talked about the idea, actually uses the detergent, dries the clothes on the line rather then the dryer, etc.... but he was the one who went to the store, bought the ingredients and made the laundry soap one weekend while I was out doing other things.

Ever since then he has been talking about making our own body wash. Canaan has terrible eczema- terrible. We spend a fortune in lotions, sensitive skin body washes, shampoos, etc. We kept reading that Tom's all natural soap was supposed to be really gentle. The problem is that it is almost $4 a bar, and our six year old doesn't seem to be able to keep a bar of soap for longer then about three baths. He simply destroys them.
So, Andy occasionally does a search for homemade organic body wash. Last week he finally found a recipe that sounded do-able. So, he made it. Just like that! Really, should I be surprised?

1/2 gallon distilled water
Minerals, colors and scents as desired

Melt 2 cups grated soap in 1/2 gallon distilled water (we doubled the recipe which is why it looks like so much more then 1/2 gallon in the pot)

Along with 2TBSP of Vegetable Glycerin oil

Add scent or color if desired, which it wasn't for us - the simpler the better for poor Canaan's skin!

Mix well.

We poured it into mason jars and let it cool.
It solidified into a fairly thick substance, which scared me at first, but after shaking it up a bit, it is the perfect consistency. One jar at a time gets poured into an old Johnson and Johnson baby wash bottle and seems to be working wonders so far.

I do love being one of the Planeteers, and raising little junior Planeteers too!

Good for C's skin, good for the environment, science lesson for the kids...and, to top it off, it was really pretty cheap:
One gallon distilled water - $1
Vegetable Glycerin -$6, but we used less then 1/3 of the bottle
Two bars of Tom's soap - $7.20
Total made - 10 18oz jars of body wash.
Total spent - $10.20
Not bad for 10 jars of body wash~

If we had shopped around, we could have gotten the Tom's cheaper. Andy was just impatient. Once he gets an idea in his head, he wants to do it NOW. Rite Aid is not the best place to buy soap, especially when it is not even on sale. I found it on Amazon for $0.99.

Hippie life is good. Now I just need a daisy chain to wear in my hair.

**Update, November 2011. So many of the comments of those planning to use the bodywash are suffering from eczema. One thing we discovered recently, after reading around, was that eczema is often made worse by certain foods. We have removed all citrus and strawberries from Canaan's diet and it has helped immensely. Now that he has removed citrus from his diet, it is amazing to see the immediate repercussions when he does consume some by accident. Just a squirt of lime on some fish was enough to double his rash in 24 hours. So, eczema sufferers, read around and consider banishing certain foods. Blessings, Bethany**

***Yet another update. Feb 2012 - I have now added Discus - I am still learning how to navigate and moderate, but I think commenting will be easier now. Please have patience with me as I try to keep up with questions!*** 

Words from the saints of the past

I seem to be on a quote "kick" right now. It comes from reading... surprise!

Besides all the novels I read, all the time, I am also reading a book called "Practicing His Presence". It is a compilation of letters, journal entries and remembered conversations from two very different men. One, Brother Lawrence, was a monk in the mid 17th century. The other, Frank Laubach, was a missionary in the 1930's. But they both had the same goal. The same goal that the apostle Paul had. That we, as Christians, should all have.
To spend every moment with God. Every moment.
Not just church on Sunday. Not just our devotion time in the mornings. Not just a quick prayer before meals. Every decision, every thought, every breath shared with Him. As you tie your shoes, talk to Him about where you going today. As you wash the dishes, not only thank Him for the food, and the dishes themselves, but simply talk with Him, as a friend. When you are conversing with friends, don't kick Him out of the conversation. Obviously, you aren't going to hear an audible voice chiming in when you are yapping with the ladies at playgroup... but before you offer your opinion on whether "so and so better keep her kid in line", ask Jesus to keep you in line. Every moment.
I think this passage sums it up fairly succinctly:

"There are three questions which we may ask: "Do you believe in God?" That is not getting far. "The devils believe and tremble." Second, "Are you acquainted with God?" We are acquainted with people with whom we have had some business dealings. Third, "Is God your friend?" or putting this another way, "Do you love God?"
It is this third stage that is really vital. How is it to be achieved? Precisely as any friendship is achieved. By doing things together. The depth and intensity of the friendship will depend upon the variety and extent of the things we do and enjoy together. Will the friendship be constant? That again depends upon the permanence of our common interests, and upon whether or not our interests grow into ever widening circles, so that we do not stagnate. The highest friendship demands growth. "It must be progressive as life itself is progressive." Friends must walk together; they cannot long stand still together, for that means death to friendship and to life."
Every moment.
I read "Practicing His Presence" years ago - when I was 19 or so. At times what I read now seems "well duh" to me, and I am so very grateful that I was encouraged to read it when I was young, so that it has become habit already. But I have needed the reminder - I have gotten lazy in my attention to my Savior and best friend.
And it shows.
"I cannot get God by holding Him off at arm's length like a photograph, but by leaning forward intently as one would respond to one's lover. Love so insatiable as the love of God can never be satisfied until we respond to the limit." Every moment.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Hawthorne Quote

"The greatest obstacle to being heroic, is the doubt whether one may not be going to prove one's self a fool; the truest heroism is to resist the doubt- and the profoundest wisdom, to know when it ought to be resisted, and when to be obeyed." Nathaniel Hawthorne, "The Blithedale Romance"

I have only just started the book - three chapters in - and it will be one that requires a slow reading. You can't just skim it, you have to digest it.

Read this once or twice - think about it, then tell me how you feel.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Mini Vacation re-cap

Canaan quickly recovered from his upset stomach - personally, I think it was a case of too much junk food. So we spent the last bit of the long holiday weekend enjoying family time exploring local "wonders" like the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, GA, where the famous "Fried Green Tomatoes" of the movie of the same name are served, and the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robbins, GA. Of course they had an A-10, - those are everywhere - but they even had a U-2, Dragon Lady, which was Andy's first plane. Lots and lots of hands-on exhibits, full size planes, history of all sorts. The boys were all very pleased with that trip, and mommy was too!

We spent the night only two hours from home - we needed a vacation. We had a pool, and a free continental breakfast, and no schedule to follow the next day. We walked slowly. We ate slowly. We talked as long as we wanted to over our lunch. (sadly enough, at Ryans... but the budget can only do so much...) It was absolutely fabulous. Today was crazy busy trying to get caught up on all the things that we should have been doing over the weekend, but it was totally worth it.
Hurray for mini vacations!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a note

I have been gone for the last few days - and without notice too! Sorry about that. I thought I would write while I was here at my parents, but I have been running around like crazy instead.
I spent one night playing games with one of my best friends, just being silly girls. Mostly we just had "girl talk". A wonderful way to spend the evening.

The next day I spent helping another of my best friends set up Skype for while her husband is deployed, learn a little about sewing to keep her busy while her husband is deployed and create a blog to vent her feelings... while her husband is deployed. Can you guess what is going on in her life right now???
Since she is a new blogger, I am sure she would love a comment or two to encourage her. Drop by and say hi.

Today I was at a wedding. Really, this was the whole point of my trip up here. A girl I have known since we were 9 or 10 was married today, to a man I hadn't met. She and I are only Facebook friends now - time and distance and busy lives have kept us from keeping in touch as much as we would like. However, those years worth of friendship and memories are strong. Even though we rarely talk now, it was so very wonderful to be there today, to celebrate this moment with her. I enjoyed the few moments I had to speak with her new husband, and so very much loved getting to hug her in her beautiful dress and cry just a little.

Mom took Emilee and I out to see Leap Year after the wedding. (cute movie, btw) Dad picked my children up from the babysitter... and here is where it gets fun. Canaan ate something that didn't agree with him, and threw up, three times, while I was gone.

I am so very glad that my dad loves me... and my children!

Now we just have to hope he is well tomorrow, because we are supposed to meet Andy at the half-way point between here and home. I certainly don't want to spend hours in the car with a throwing up six year old. Especially when we have planned to make several fun stops along the way!

I'll let you know how it turns out! For now, I better get some sleep.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Creativity

During the Christmas project season Canaan declared that he wanted to make a quilt for his friend Katie Grace.

He was very very involved in the process.

So was little brother.

I don't really think it can be called a true quilt, since it was merely four patches, then four again on the back... but it had batting in the middle, and edging, and was slightly "quilted" in the middle.

Somehow I didn't get a picture of the finished project, but here is Katie opening it.

Once we started quilting, it seemed like the thing to do. So, we made one for Maddy too.

Hers was flannel, had buttons instead of quilting, and was missing the edging, because Andy accidently picked up single fold instead of double, and I didn't have time to run out and exchange it.

All in all, it was a fun adventure, quilting with a six year old!

We also made some pretty awesome cookies... if I do say so myself.

The variety pack was mostly your basic stuff, my favorite being Flipz/peanut butter sandwhiches covered in chocolate.

The sugar cookies, and the multitude of interesting ways to decorate them - Now that is what makes life fun!



Mom and Dad (and of course, about 3 dozen others.... but that was all I could stand taking pictures of. My attention span for pictures is only so big)

Last, but not least, we made Gingerbread, or rather, Graham Cracker, houses at Noni and Papaws house on Christmas Eve.

Canaan's (See the bi-plane in the background? He had a little help with that)


Our Christmas season ended up being very creative.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dragging it out of me

I promised that I would try to join in, so here goes. All of this "New Year" enthusiasm for reading is going around my circle of family, and well, practically family. First, my sister Emilee signed up for several reading challenges. So, one of my best friends, Carrie, decided to join her. Then, my sister-in law Tara out in CA read about all the fun they were having, already reading several books this year, and she decided to join in too. She created an entirely new blog, just to talk about books. So, of course, Carrie had to create her own book blog too.
I'm telling you, I am surrounded by talk of books, constantly right now. It's not that I don't love to read. I do that constantly. So.... even though I refuse to sign up for any specific reading challenges (I like my freedom too much) I thought that perhaps I would give a short synopsis of the last few books I have read.

I had promised Tara it would be "the next book I finish", but I finished one last night, then started another, and ended up finishing it while waiting in the doctor's office today. I want to talk about both of them!

The most recent one is a new purchase. The Waldenbooks in our mall is going out of business and all of their stock is 60% off. Andy and I were very naughty and went a little crazy in there this weekend. I cannot resist books - I truly CAN'T. They are an addiction.
Anyway, one of the many we picked up on Saturday was "Odd and the Frost Giants" by Neil Gaiman, a beautiful hardbound edition with illustrations. It is set in Norway during the time of the Vikings, so I was pretty sure I would like it. However, before I read it to my children, because it is a children's book, I wanted to make sure that I agreed with all the ideas and ideals presented in it. It is only 117 pages, so it was an easy read.

The gods and the frost giants are fighting, and have caused a long winter. If winter drags on too long, nothing will grow, and the animals and people will eventually starve to death. Poor Odd, who has already lost his father, and has a crippled foot, sets off on a journey with three unlikely friends to try to end the long cold winter.
In the end he leans to respect himself. Even though he is not strong and healthy in body, he has a strong and healthy brain. Brawn counts for a lot, but brains are even more important.

The boys and I had finished "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis last night, and needed something new to start tonight. I was glad I got a chance to whip through this one in a hurry so I could begin it with my boys tonight. We already read three chapters!
I had a discussion with Canaan about brains versus brawn. I am hoping this will be a chance to give him some ideas. He is very focused on being the strongest, and the best fighter. I want to show him that wit counts for a lot too.

The most recent book I finished for myself was an interesting combination of two of my favorite genres. I love anything Austen. The originals, the later "sequels", the supposed "lost diaries/letters" (which are really good, if anyone is looking for something to read), even some of the crazy stuff.
I also love anything Vampire. I got addicted to Buffy a WAY way long time ago, and really have never stopped loving both vampire slayers, or vampires themselves... which of course extends into werewolves, and fairies, and all sorts of mythical creatures. But vampires started the addiction.

So my sister bought me a book for Christmas called "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange. Now, I know what you are thinking. "WHAT?" Trust me, I can understand. She also bought me one called "Vampire Darcy's Desire" by Regina Jeffers. I am pretty sure it will be a "WHAT?" book. Pretty much anything that has the word "desire" in it qualifies as !!!! Not that I won't read and enjoy it. But I somehow doubt it will qualify as actual literature.

However, "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre" was very well written. Elegant even. I won't say it was anything close to Austen. But it kept the angst of Pride and Prejudice.
Elizabeth and Darcy marry and set off on their wedding tour of Europe. The book centers around his fear of what she will think when she discovers what he is, and her fear of why he is so withdrawn and distant, even now that they are married.
He does not kill humans, this Darcy vampyre, nor do those he is friends with, but darker, evil vampyres are still there, in existence. Eventually they have to team together, rather then try to stay separate.
I thought it was a lovely picture of marriage. You may think you are protecting the one you love by not sharing your fears, or pains, or stresses. But those who truly love you know when something is wrong. They may not know exactly what it is, but they can sense it. Not sharing it will only cause more problems in the end.
I have enjoyed both of these last two books. I am off to start another. Andy is working 4pm to 4am this week, so the house is quiet this time of night. I really should sleep, so hopefully this book won't be too good, and I will be able to put it down before too long.
Today may have been a really, really awful day... but tomorrow will be better!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow... since everyone else is doing it...

Well, all of my N. GA friends are rubbing it in my face that they have had snow (which is unusual for that far south). We have had nothing even close to resembling it here. Cold weather - freezing even, which is unusual for this far south. But no frozen precipitation, of course. I think it has been at least a decade since it has snowed here.
However.... I have some pictures of snow that made my day.

Please take a moment and just see if you can guess who these cheerfully sledding, in a half inch of snow albeit, but still, gleefully sledding people, might be.

Any guesses???

Picture 1: My dad.

Picture 2: My Mom.

And that is part of the reason that I LOVE my family so very very much.
Life is just so fun!

A little bit more birthday

After I posted the birthday pics my Dad E-mailed me another photo that really needed to be added to the birthday collection.
We had all kinds of friends, and my wonderful in-laws here for the party, but no one from my side of the family was able to come down. So, the next weekend my parents came down just for an overnight visit and to bring Zion's his present from them.

My Dad's quote is, "I'm not sure if he or Nina was most excited when he saw his new go-cart!"

Here is a better picture of the "go-cart". It is actually a Kettcar, which is a form of a pedal car. I had one very similar when I was a little girl. My grandpa bought it for me, so my parents felt the need to buy one for my kids. When they were able to find one at a thrift store, rather then spend the ridiculous prices they ask on the website, all the better!

Thank goodness for a mechanic for a husband. It was a little squeaky the first night, but it "runs" smooth as butter now! (Although, it is much colder now then it was back in December... they would never be outside in short sleeves now, especially not at night time!!!)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Birthday pictures

I have pictures! Zion's birthday may have been almost a month ago, but I say it is never too late for a you to enjoy the pictures, right?
My wonderful friend Mary, who made this amazing cake, was a creative genius for Zion's party too.

She also took all of these pictures. Not only is she a talented baker, she has an eye for photography too! (plus, she is just an all around wonderful friend)

First out little knights and princesses decorated shields, preparing themselves for battle.

After they girded themselves, they spent some time playing with Zion's new castle.

Remember the moment of unveiling? It is one of the only pictures of his birthday that I took!

After a quick meal, and some gift unwrapping,

it was time for the knight's quest. (plus, I needed something to keep the kids busy while Andy went out to buy candles - which somehow I had forgotten)

Our volunteer dragon.

He held up under the enthusiastic beating the knights felt was needed in order to thwart the dragon.

Our reigning king holding the "Holy Grail"...

and having a bit of an "over stimulation" meltdown.

He just needed a little attention from his "best friend", the dragon.

All better!

Girls, getting in the swing of a boy party - wrestling on the floor! I LOVE it!

But of course, this was more to their liking. Dancing in a circle.
Geez, I need a girl in this house to balance out all the testosterone!

And of course, we finished off with some cake!
Yum Yum!