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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Waste not, Want Not Wednesday

 There have been a couple of days now for the Halloween sugar high to wear off. The starburst have stuck to teeth, the Sweet-tarts have caused adorable pucker faces and the chocolate has been unfairly taken in a cruel "mommy tax". I even let them eat one of those nasty dracula teeth gummi candies.
 But what next? When I went to hide the rest of the stash I found that there was still candy from Easter up on top of the fridge. That was when I remembered a very cool website I had seen about a better way to put your candy to use. At our house the choices are fairly clear. Throw it away, put it on top of the fridge to wait to be thrown away at a much later date, or try some really fun science projects with it.

My kids picked choice number three.
Some of the leftover Easter stuff.  
A whole bucket of new Halloween loot.
 Already grossed out? It's a little early for that!
  You can just tell he is going to be a BIG help...
Warm water vs cold water
Which works better?
 Doesn't that look appealing?
 He sure is concentrating on something 
 Less then half way through Zion decided that he was a gorilla
and entertaining faces was the entirety of his input for the rest of the experiments. 
At least he tried. 
Canaan loved every minute. 
 Bubble gum made an interesting texture when melted in water. 
 Several candies let off a waxy substance which floated up to the top of the bowl or cup when they dissolved. 
 But in all our work we only found one candy that floated, and I have no idea what it was called. I had never seen it before, and Canaan had torn up the wrapper before we knew it was going to be something special. 
 The colors from skittles and jelly beans did not transfer to coffee filters very well... m&m's are supposed to work, but we weren't willing to sacrifice them. 
 By far the favorite of the day was adding baking soda to dissolved sweet-tarts. They fizz and bubble like a miniature volcano. Smarties worked a little bit, but nothing like Sweet-tarts. They win, hands down!
 It was a day full of fun, and experimenting. Learning, instead of simply throwing away. 
 The rest of the hard candies, safe for travel, will go into the Operation Christmas Child shoebox. 
Don't forget to start packing yours this week. The Christmas countdown begins, because giving time starts now! 
Waste not, Want not my friends. 


Carrie said...

We might can spare a few pieces for experiments, but honestly we didn't collect that much candy this year. There were just a handful of booths at the church gathering and that was our only trick or treat time. Oh well, I'm not complaining!

Kathryn said...

oh my you should have watched the skittles lol the S on them floats off or sometimes just slides off. Really cool!!!

Loralee said...

So glad you enjoyed the experiments. Sorry the color separation didn't work out too well, I'll have to think about how to rewrite that one. Thanks for the words of inspiration on your blog, I enjoyed reading all the thoughts.