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I am happily married to an amazing military man who spent 9 years enlisted and is now an Officer in the US Army. We have two amazing boys who are not so little any more! They still infuse every moment of every day with creativity and energy, and make my life an adventure.  I was educated at home, and am now teaching our children - second generation homeschoolers! I try every day to become more like Jesus Christ, and to love like HE does. If you want you can try and catch me at bethylovesandy@yahoo.com

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"For the Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 NKJV 
The Message translation puts it this way "God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding."

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who's this?

I was on the phone with my friend Amanda this afternoon. With the Thanksgiving travels, then trying to settle back into school (we both homeschool) we hadn't talked in almost two weeks.
 She called me up to ask a quick question about yeast, since I'm "the one who makes bread". (Someone please remind me of that more often - maybe I will actually get around to making it again soon!)
 Anyway, as we were chatting about bread, and rising possibilities, I heard a call for help. As I ran down the stairs to discover the source of the anguish...

 It was just that the dog had escaped.

 Yes, the dog.

 I think that Amanda nearly fell over laughing.

 I have a dog.


 A big dog. A young, bouncy, slobbery, big dog.

 And I absolutely adore her.

 You see, I am not really a pet person. I like our frogs, because they are nicely contained. The crickets they require for their breakfast, lunch and dinner are not much fun. But they are (usually) contained also. Somehow bigger pets have always just seemed unnecessary. I had children to fill my quota of slobber and hyperactivity. I didn't mind changing their diapers when they were little, and am still prepared to clean mud and throw-up as needed. But animals are another story all together.

 Which is why Amanda nearly laughed her head off. Because she knows me well.

 But Daisy seems to fit right in. She is already crate trained, sleeping there, and staying there when we go shopping, etc.  She encourages us to get out of the house more. Even though it is cold she still needs her daily walk. She is working on Canaan's pitching arm, as he practices throwing tennis balls for her to fetch.  She sits quietly at our feet while we work on school, just content to be close. She is warm, so warm, and my cold blooded self appreciates her as an extra blanket cuddled up against me on the living room floor.

 We have only had her since late Sat. afternoon, but already she has become part of the family.

 Who knew?

 Certainly not me!

 My broom, mop and vacuum are going to get more exercise then they use to. Although I sweep up after every meal, I use to be a vacuum once a week type of girl... I don't think dog hair is going to agree with that. Sigh. But in all honesty, I don't think she actually sheds that much more then I do. And she has a far greater percentage of her body covered in hair. So, my super long curly hair and her tiny short and straight hair will compete for room in the vacuum bag. They can co-exist quite peacefully.

 And our Daisy? She will be teaching us something new every day. (for example, getting a good picture of a furry baby is just as hard as a good shot of a toddler)
Mommy, the flash is in my eyes!

Enjoy your family, in whatever shapes and sizes they come in!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Find a penny, pick it up...

 I grew up listening to, and now repeating for my own children, the old sayings. "Look before you leap." "A penny saved is a penny earned."
 It seems I have either an old saying or a Bible verse that springs to mind in almost any situation. Of course, words are sort of my thing.

 The one that has been the theme around here lately is that we have been "nickel and dimed" to death. Of course, that isn't exactly how the saying goes. I think it originates from the idea of getting a good deal on a big purchase, then all of the little details that are charged in relation to it - a nickel here, a dime here - adding up. Andy has been muttering under his breath about nickels and dimes for months now.

 The move to MO, and then this one immediately following, were both on a really well planned budget. We took very little with us to Missouri so we could take a little trailer; only had one car while we were there, saving on gas; rented a basic little duplex. But... because we brought so little with us, we kept finding things, little things, that we needed. $5 here, $10 there. (actual nickels and dimes are completely out of the picture now people!)

 Same goes this time. We had amazing volunteer labor, a great deal on a truck, and gas even took a couple cent dip the weekend we moved.
 But on the other side of things- My mom gave us one set of curtains, but I had to have a second with these completely different windows. Plus curtain rods. And a new rug for the back door. And I have no idea what happened to the trashcan for the boy's bathroom... And....

 Nickel and Dimed.

 I look at the house and see how many things there are still unfinished. How many things I have to do until it looks "right". Then again, I suppose the little details really don't matter. Red curtains on one window and blue on another - hey, they are all the way across the room from each other, right? After all,

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

 I will continue to "look at the world through rose colored glasses" and hope to always see a "glass half full" - even if there are nickels and dimes strewn around making a mess everywhere!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving, a week early

We're here! Our caravan of vehicles were loaded, driven, unloaded and returned to their proper locations. The bulk of the boxes have been unpacked and their contents put away. School books have re-emerged from banishment, much to the chagrin of two little boys.

 This afternoon Andy and I were working on one of those last projects. One that makes it really feel like home, but truly, truly is not fun.

 Hanging pictures.

 I don't know. Maybe some people enjoy hanging pictures. But I can never decide what goes where; which color frame matches the other decor, what size is needed to fill a certain wall.

 Then there is the actual hanging. Argh!

 I must say though that moving, and hanging, and re-hanging pictures has been fabulous for our marriage.

 Not so much right at the beginning.

 But I think we have gotten the hang of it. Maybe.

 Those old rules about "measure twice, cut once"... it is the same for "hammer once". We went thought a lot of putty in our first few houses. We have gotten better about discussing every picture first.

 At one of our first houses he hung all the pictures, and they were so high up that I could barely see them. There was some disagreement about that. The next house he was still deployed when we moved in, so my mom and I did most of the decorating before he even came home. There was some disagreement about that too.

 Today we took it one picture at a time, enjoyed a rainy afternoon, and measured everything at least twice.

 Until the measuring tape broke in half. Literally.

 We decided it was time to take a break after that!

 I read somewhere recently, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you remembered to thank God for today."

 Thankfulness has been on my mind a good bit lately. As we unpacked and I opened boxes of things I had not seen in a year, in this beautiful house that I never could have imagined- I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. Loud, rambunctious boys that run up and down the stairs every day. Food, that I love to make, in the amazing array we have available to us here in America, and that fits beautifully into the pantry here. My beautiful addiction who gets up at 5 every morning to go to PT, and the fact that he can. The proximity of a fully stocked and free to use pharmacy. Internet access, which I took for granted before Missouri. People to love, and be loved in return.

 Thanksgiving is coming, and most of our nation will spend the day stuffing themselves, watching the parade, and preparing for a day of shopping early the next morning.

 But hopefully the name of the holiday will stand out just a little and remind people why we take a rest on that day.

 To THANK God for their amazing blessings.

 Everyone has them.

 Different then mine. That is what makes them their blessings. But blessings none the less.

 Start practicing now. Thank Him tonight too.

Blessings to you, 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


 I have spent entirely too much of the last few days in a whirlwind of stress. I have managed to get a lot accomplished, I think. But truthfully, I probably would have gotten more accomplished if I had calmed down a little.

 It has been a long time since we have had to move in from a long distance location. I never thought I would say it, but the people in MO were so much easier to work with! When we moved in they had the water and electricity already running and just asked that we get it transferred to our name within the first 2-3 days.
 In Fayetteville the house has no electricity or water at all, and before we can get the keys we are required to provide them with an electric "account number". Like I would want to move in without electricity?!

 So, as much as I hate the phone, I have had to actually break down and use it several times. Most of the prep work could be done online, but the actual setting up of an account required speaking to a person.

 I am so very loquacious on here, and in "real" life - why do I struggle so much with the phone? Sigh.

 Words are such an important part of my life. I would say that I struggle with the phone because I cannot see the person I am talking to - but I certainly can't see whomever is reading my blog. It is open to the entire world, if the entire world happens to stumble upon it. Maybe it is because the words on the phone seem so unfeeling. Face to face with someone you can make eye contact, apologize if you say something that is taken the wrong way, interact with hand gestures, and even the tone of voice (which is vitally important in a conversation) is so much easier to hear in a "real life" conversation.

 Here, in the big wide world of blogging I have a chance to think my words over before I hit "post". I tend to have a lot to say, so I prefer to re-read them before I share them with eyes that are not my own.  As with the phone, tone of voice, hand gestures and eye contact are impossible - but at the same time, I have so much room for italics, quote marks, Exclamations, etc. Similar to "real life", it doesn't take long to get to know someone, and to understand their way of talking, their way of typing, their style of communicating.

 So, talking and blogging I can handle. But phones still scare me! How sad is that?

 But... Supposedly all is well and we will have water, sewer, electric and keys (Thanks Kelly!) when we get there on Saturday. And a truck, with a matched bid from several companies (go me!) will be ready to pick up on Friday afternoon.

 In other, very happy news, God threw in a little bonus for me. We already had friends from college that are stationed at Bragg. Fabulous treat to move somewhere and already know someone. We also found out that a friend of the family, recently returned from a tour in Germany, is at Bragg right now. But it just keeps getting better!
 Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows that I am not really a FB girl. I tend to be a once a weeker. But with Andy's first jump I really wanted to get the prayer request out there. So I posted. And what should God provide? Another military friend stationed at Ft. Bragg! We were neighbors about 4 years ago when we moved to Moody AFB, but they left soon after we arrived. Now we are both Army instead of AF, and about to be living in the same town. We haven't really talked in 3 years, but the link of FB was there to reconnect us. Small, small world! I have never been a huge fan, but today I am thankful for Facebook.

 Lastly, words about my sweet addiction.

 Andy is supposed to be finishing up his last jump right about now. He had a night jump, in full gear, tonight. I hate the jumps with gear because it is so heavy, but he is use to lugging around lots of equipment. What is the difference? Lugging it around or falling out of the sky with it?

 Tomorrow he out processes. Friday he gets his wings then skedaddles, hoping to get up here and the first loading done that night.

 Saturday we load the rest of the truck and leave town, doing our best to make it all the way "home" that night.

 Sunday is unload, and our fabulous family of volunteers who are coming to help unload head back to their regular life.

 Truly, Andy and I both have amazing parents. Amazing! Dropping everything to drive up for the weekend, just to help us out. I think we might be spoiled.

 But don't tell them that. Shhhh

 I hope your life is smoother, calmer, and just as full of blessings!