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I am happily married to an amazing military man who spent 9 years enlisted and is now an Officer in the US Army. We have two amazing boys who are not so little any more! They still infuse every moment of every day with creativity and energy, and make my life an adventure.  I was educated at home, and am now teaching our children - second generation homeschoolers! I try every day to become more like Jesus Christ, and to love like HE does. If you want you can try and catch me at bethylovesandy@yahoo.com

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"For the Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 NKJV 
The Message translation puts it this way "God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding."

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Number 32 in picture format!

 I did some rearranging yesterday and tonight, here in blog land. I really should be rearranging "real" stuff here at my parent's house, packing up to move to Ft. Bragg. But Andy is gone and the bed is half empty - so I play on the internet instead.

 I feel like Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, but what I shall say is - "let me sum up."

 Andy graduated CBOLC on tuesday and we left Missouri ASAP. Andy drove the 12 hours to my parent's in Georgia and we fell into bed exhausted around 2am.
 The next morning we unloaded the trailer full of our stuff, met some family at the mall for lunch and left the boys with my sister.
 Amazingly, we (barely) beat the traffic out of Atlanta and made it to Ft. Gordon, finally getting to meet our new niece, Britton!

 After seeing sweet Ani up and off to school on Thursday we headed toward Fayetteville, NC and the wonderful Ft. Bragg.

 And the search began.

 We had been looking at houses online for days, but you really can't tell what you are looking at until you see it in person. You have to see the neighborhood, the carpet, the backyard before you know if it really what they are trying to present to you. To "sell" to you, even as a rental.

 We got to know the city fairly quickly, and figured out where we didn't want to live!

On a completely unrelated note: Thursday was the 12th anniversary of our first date, so we cancelled the quest at a decent hour and had a date. Slightly different then our first one, (since our first date had peanut butter sandwiches and this one included a hot tub) but I have no complaints! It was a fabulous break in a haphazard week full of driving and searching for a house.

 Twelve years!

 Friday was the day. Beginning bright and early, we were determined to find a house.

 And determination paid off. We went from one side of Fayetteville to the other, making sure we had explored every option. But we found it!

 When Andy finishes Airborne school in 3 weeks we will have somewhere to live.

 Now I just have to figure out how to get everything from here to there. Fun, fun!


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Abigail said...

Oh Bethy, that house looks absolutely lovely!