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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green, Greener, Greenest

This year we took on something new.

 We have always dabbled a little, experimented perhaps you would say, in gardening. Cherry tomatoes have been successful several times. We had a few straggling squash one year. Some volunteer potatoes after a science experiment.

 But this year we went all out.

 Found a raised bed at Goodwill. Filled it with organic soil. (definitely the expensive part!) Planted seeds.
 When Dane and Ellen were here in late Feb. we had the help of the masters. Dane is passionate about his garden. He helped the boys get their first few seeds in the ground, and gave me some pointers for scheduling the rest of the planting. 

 Just a few weeks later we had the first showings of peas
and spinach.

We were gone for the wedding at the end of March, but when we got back, it was time for some serious business. And when Andy takes a project on, he does not go half way. 

So we added on. 

And I forgot to take pictures for the entire month of April. 

But things were growing! 
May 10th
 A view of our extended bed - and the "fence" we had to add to keep Daisy out. She thought that cucumbers and orange peppers were very comfortable. Smash.
 An additional bed. Potatoes and herbs. 
With another lovely "fence", and a slight sun shade so the herbs don't get too much sun. 
 Isn't Thyme simply beautiful, however fragile, and perishable, it may be.
Take that as you wish.
 Little green Cherry Tomatoes
 Our first batch of spinach was a flop, but crop number two, planted immediately after the wedding was looking good on May 10th. 
 However, when the boys planted their carrots, the packet of seeds was spilled in unexpected places. 
Off to the left in this picture, in what is supposed to be spinach territory, is a huge patch of carrots. 

I took some more pictures today, just to show what can happen in 10 days - 

 The tomatoes are going crazy, but more importantly, the squash and zucchini are huge! 
The poor little okra look dwarfed. 

 The cucumbers are blooming
 Andy found some onions in the back of the pantry that had started sprouting. He planted them. They keep sprouting. 
 I have had every intention of looking up if there is any point in them being there - but so far that hasn't been high on my priority list. I just let them sit there and sprout. As long as they don't take too many nutrients from my peas and cucumbers they are welcome to stay. 
 My beautiful herbs
 Potatoes pushing through with power.
 But that poor little spinach... It just doesn't seem to make any progress. 
 The carrots in the spinach area? Looking wonderful. 
Slightly haphazard (perhaps because they were spilled?!!) and definitely in need of thinning, but growing strong.
The carrots in their own place? A little slower to grow, but they are trying. 

 Last but not least, our beautiful peas. 
(I always show a picture of this one, partly because it is on the corner and easiest to get to with my camera, but as luck would have it, it seems to be the strongest and healthiest too!)

They gave us our first "crop" of the year. 

Not enough for a meal, but some really good snacking!
(Some sneaky hands that will remain unnamed may have snagged a few before the photographer could get a picture) 

Through it all, my love affair with "weeds" remains strong. 

The things that grow wild, and sneak through the fence from the neighbor's yard. 

 How much more can you ask for? 

These lovely little faces may not provide sustenance for my body, but what they provide for my soul cannot be measured. 
Especially when my boys come and find me with the specific goal of bringing me out to see these beautiful little pieces of sunshine. 

Green, greener, greenest...
Yellow and white too!

 I'll keep you posted on our adventure in organic gardening. I read that fish tank water was fabulous for them. All that natural nastiness was perfect fertilizer. So we gave it a try last night. It was the perfect inspiration to finally clean the frog tank. 
 But then I got to worrying if firebelly toad water was going to be a negative instead of a positive! So far, so good. From last night when we gave the water 'til today when I took the pictures no damage done. 
 Now I will just have to go wondering through the wide world of Google to see if anyone has any ideas about what, or shall I say who, is eating my okra leaves. And how to get them to stop - without poison. 

 What a grand adventure this is! 
 (and we have the peas to prove it!) 

I hope you are having a very green May also!


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