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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home made

My blog about body wash got "pinned" about a year ago. I get comments on it all the time. The sad thing is, I haven't made it, that recipe, in over two years. Actually, probably more then that. And Andy made the last batch of the more recent recipe we used. So people ask all these questions... and I can't remember. I try. Really I do. Lots of other commenters have amazing advice to add also. So I pass that along. But in all actuality, I am a failure.
 So I have this desperate need to offer something useful. The sad thing is, it isn't even mine. The recipe belongs to Autumn. Or at least the original. See...
 I jotted it down in a hurry on the back of a piece of paper. Actually, ironically, on the paper that has the recipe for the wet laundry detergent I use to make. Strange, isn't it?

Very basic materials. 
Mix them together. 
Store in a really, really old Tupperware. One that you never plan to use for food again, so it doesn't matter if it tastes like soap. (perhaps one with a busted lid?)

I case you can't read my hand writing:
(and if you can read my handwriting, I am impressed)

2c grated soap
1c Borax
1c Washing soda
Can add 1c Oxiclean if you want.
(I do)

Use 2-3 Tbsp per load

But it seems that my child has skin that will react to ANYTHING! 
So, Fels-Naptha is out. 
 Could we wash clothes with Ivory? 
 It works for us. 

Obviously, the Ivory detergent doesn't look all pretty and yellow like the container in the picture. I forgot to take a picture of it. Sorry.

How it actually works is:
Canaan and Zion's clothes are washed in the Ivory detergent. Nothing else. Occasionally some Shout or Resolve before hand. They are boys, and they are rough on clothes, but I think that their clothes hold up quite well. And I buy at least half their stuff used! You definitely have to pre-treat grease though. 

 I must admit that I like some scent. I use the Fels-Naptha for Andy and I, and then a nice big cup full of Snuggle. 

Laundry is cheap. And easy. And does a wonderful job.

Unlike the body wash, I actually make this one on a regular basis!
Whew, I feel better, writing something that I actually do. I can answer questions about this one. Although, I can't think of how there could be any. 
Except perhaps if Autumn will be mad at me for sharing her recipe! 


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Angelia Sims Hardy said...

In 3rd grade, for Sydney's science project, we made home-made cleaners and compared them to commercial cleaners. It was sooo fun! And really the home-made stuff was just as good, especially, the laundry soap. :-)