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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Party time!

 I have a 12 year old!!
 I think I struggle with this every single year. He continues to get older (which means I do too!) and I continue to be shocked.

 He originally wanted an Indiana Jones birthday party, but I struggled to find decor and games for that.
 We were going to go river rafting... but then it called for rain all weekend.

 So, he had to settle for third choice. But I think it still turned out pretty good!

 Jurassic Park was the theme. The new Jurassic World comes out this summer and dinosaurs are everywhere!

 We played "Pin the tail on the velociraptor".

 Zion "accidentally" pinned the original tail on his head instead. Made him quite an interesting character! 

Strangely, R2D2 Sorry was the most popular game. Nothing to do with Jurassic Park, but lots of fun. 
 So serious!
 Lots of laughter, which is the most delightful sound.

Ian (above) drew this fabulous card for Canaan. 

As always, Andy got creative. 

 Isn't that a fabulous dinosaur watermelon?!

 Beautiful Smiles!
12 candles!

We had almost as many grownups as children, so Andy and I had fun too.
I believe a "good time was had by all".

Life is good.... and now, four days later the internet is finally letting me upload pictures!


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Wenni Donna said...

I think Jurassic Park is every kid’s favorite birthday party theme. My son also demanded Jurassic Park party on his birthday. I hosted his birthday bash at garden NYC venues and it made his birthday theme more interesting due to “Real” green surroundings.