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Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting well

First of all, thank you Chrissy, Marcy, Naomi and Corey for proving to me that Carrie is not the only one who reads my blog! Thank you Carrie, for always reading my blog too.
I did not go to Florida. It just didn't seem like a good idea to take a potentially sick child to visit my grandparents, who are not as young as they use to be. Canaan went with my parents and sisters, and has had a wonderful time. Zion stayed home with Andy and I, and I think he has had a wonderful time too. He has never had a chance to be the only child, and he has enjoyed it. He has been bored a few times too though, so I think he will really enjoy getting his playmate back. Canaan was much better at entertaining himself by this age. Zion almost never has to play by himself - he always has Canaan, or Emma to entertain him. This long weekend has probably been good for him. Lots of one on one time with Mommy, and a little bit of alone time to try to entertain himself.
Andy wrote 3/4 of his paper, created a powerpoint slide show for his presentation, and did about half of his case study. It has been a fruitful weekend for him. He still has to finish the paper and case study, but it is a huge relief to have them well on their way.
My family will be headed north in the next few hours, and will be here sometime this afternoon. I am so eager to see Canaan, and see some pictures of his trip to Disney. He called twice yesterday and was so excited. It is a little sad that my baby went to Disney without me, but Zion just wasn't old enough yet, and Canaan was, so I am glad it worked out the way it did.
Oh, by the way - thank for all the advice. As always, the BRAT diet works well. I finally broke down and called the doctor, and she recommended milk, and anything with live cultures. (yogurt, cheese) I forgot to ask about imodium, but after the 15th episode, I broke down and gave him some. I am so glad I did! He was much better on Sat. and completely well by Sun. I didn't take him to church, just in case, but he seems to be completely over it. Emma, the little girl I babysit, was sick on Sat. I didn't talk to her mom yesterday, so I don't know if she was still sick, but if so, I guess she caught it from Zion. I'm still holding my breath, hoping that nobody else gets sick.


Southern Wife said...

Hey Bethany,

I read your blog on a regular basis too!!!! I just hardly ever get the time to comment, but I share all of your funny stories about the boys with Brian (and Liam!). I'm glad that Zion is feeling better, and can't wait to hear how Canaan liked Disney!


mom0ktdid said...

Can't wait to hear about Disney here too!!!! I bet he loved the Buzz Lightyear ride! Call me ANYTIME now! yay!

Marcy Bowden said...

Did I miss what the BRAT diet is in the previous blogs or comments? I can't believe that you missed Disney! What an adult decision to make. I am glad that Canaan had fun and that Zion enjoyed his time as an only child. I am also glad to hear that he is doing better.

The Duke Family said...

I am so glad Zion is better and hope Canaan had a great time. Btw...Saturday is the day! I go in Sat. morning for the section and will post pics and a story as soon as I can. I will call you from the hospital to let you know though. We love you and miss you,