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Friday, May 21, 2010

7th Birthday pictures

His "first thing in the morning" present from Noni.

And of course, one for Zion too, so he wouldn't feel left out. Crazy, spoiling, Noni.

Canaan's birthday party may have been last minute, and haphazardly planned, but it was fun, so all is well.

My friend Mary has a giant inflatable water slide.
(She runs a children't ministry, and used this for an end of the year party a few times.
Lucky us!)

Maddy, the little sister of good friend Cole, didn't want those big boys landing on top of her. She got the slide all to herself every once in awhile.

Then she would sit in safety with Mom and baby brother.

Getting wet, throwing water balloons, and trying to be a cool as Cole's big brother - What could be better?

Trust me, big brother CJ is being a helper - it looks like he is pushing in this picture, but he is just keeping them under control a little bit!

I failed at the "make a cake tomorrow morning" goal - I tried a new recipe, which was a total flop. Luckily, Walmart is close by, always open, and has cookie cakes in stock at all times.

I don't think he minded, do you?

Just had to show how very much I am my Mother's daughter. See the Lego in the corner of the picture, with the Target clearance tag still on it? That was from me. I was just so proud of that half price deal. I couldn't bear to take the price off! If I had been giving it to someone else, of course I would have, but staying in the family I didn't want to forget what a great bargain I had gotten!


Flat Stanley said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

Carrie said...

ha ha ha ha!!!! looks like a great party!!!! I love clearance evens out the price paid/fun had ratio!

Karen said...

Looks like your Canaan had a great party!