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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Reading, Reading, small break to breath, Read some more!

I have not had words lately. Not that there hasn't been beautiful things happening here. Tricia came to visit. We had the end of the year homeschool P.E. party. Karate practice, which Canaan is making wonderful improvement in. I am sure I will post pictures eventually.
But right now words are only coming in, not going out. That is just how my brain is wired right this minute.
You see, for years now people have been telling me I should read the Harry Potter books. I have always said... sure, one of these days. But, everyone was reading them. I don't usually like to be too trendy. However, not too long ago, someone told me I shouldn't read them. She said that no Christian should read any books that have magic, or vampires, or anything she considered "evil" in it. She listed several specific books in her list that are popular right now. She, however, had not read any of them. Just felt that if they had something "evil" in them, then they shouldn't be read.
Absolutist thinking like that gets my guard up, so, or course, it got me on a mission. Maybe even brought out that little bit of rebellion in me? Being told I shouldn't do something, hmmm. I had already read the Twilight series (which is one of the others that she condemned) but Harry Potter was still on my list. I read the first three and a half last week. After my weekend off to visit, I finished four and have gotten halfway through five.
Potter has sort of taken over my free time.

I think I will wait to write an entire post when I have finished the whole series... but for now I will say that I think that imagination is a fabulous thing. And that it is IMAGINATION.

On the schedule for today ... back to reading!


Jena said...

Awesome post! I completely agree. Imagination is everywhere in classic books, even The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! So good for you, and my family is huge Harry fans.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and so cool about your Civil War dances. We have a little bit of that up here with all the Abraham Lincoln stuff. So fun!

Carrie said...


autumnesf said...

Hah! I could say the exact same thing...except I still haven't gotten around to reading them.

You should see the way I get beat up for liking scary movies! LOL! After all...no God fearing Christian could ever like scary movies.


Have you noticed that some Christians expend so much energy searching out and chasing the devil...that they never quite get around to chasing GOD??? Some day I might just be healed enough to do a post on that issue.

Tricia said...

Happy reading!

Karen said...

Corey got me hooked on the HP books...I have read all of them several times...we go see the HP movies together, too, as kind of a mother/son thing since no one else around here wants to see them...I enjoy the movies, but the books are way better in my opinion....

Keri said...

I've still never read them, even though lots of my girlfriends are bonkers for them! Dillon is almost to an age where he might enjoy them too. Maybe I'll read the series to him and kill 2 birds with 1 stone :)

Marcy said...

I can't wait to hear your take on them, Bethany!