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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A very, very full two weeks

The problem with having a nice camera is that you take 500 pictures on a 3 day trip...

Augusta was a blast.
Neither the Garmin nor I killed either other on the drive up, and the boys had a blast with their cousin, Anistyn.
 She had skinned up her nose at school a few days earlier (of course, the day before picture day... isn't that the way it always goes?) but I thought this was such an amazing picture of her eyes... just ignore the scraped up nose!
 Their stuff had just arrived from CA a few weeks earlier, and was still be sorted through and unpacked. 
The children had a blast with the boxes. 

(see that arm poking out down below?)

Maybe not just children were having fun with the boxes?!

 After Augusta we drove over to Charleston for a couple of nights. 
Andy kept stealing my new camera to take artistic shots - he was an art major after all.

 But I got in a few myself.

Here is the bridge from the bay.

Here it is passing under it, through the windshield  - I tried! 
 Even Andy gave me some credit for that one. 
Of course, my favorites are still, always, of my boys - even the big one.

The next day we went to Ft. Sumnter, since we had been studying the War between the States. 

The ferry ride out provided the only family picture of our vacation.

Once again, Andy took possession of the camera and took some beautiful pictures
and with reminder, some of his family also.

When I repossessed my camera, he pouted a little (truly - he was pouting)
and I got some great shots of our children in motion

 On our last day we stopped first at the Citadel, where I got so distracted taking video of the formation practice that I forgot to take many pictures! 

 Then, on our way out of town we stopped at a plantation that has been owned by the same family since the late 1600's. Isn't it beautiful?
 Petting zoo first.
  Doesn't that rooster look like he knows he is handsome?

My boys were "talking" to an owl, and cracking up.

Zion was fascinated by petting a deer. 

We took a "train" tour of the plantation and got to see several gators.
This one was probably about 12ft.

Then Andy took a picture of us by the pond,
 before we got hopelessly lost in the maze, discovered the most amazing smelling plant EVER (which I have already forgotten the name of, but took a picture of and will ask my Father in law to help me search out) and finally hit up the house/museum and gift shop. 

 See why we were exhausted by the time we got home. 
 And that was last Thursday. I haven't even gotten to this week yet!


autumnesf said...

Really great shots!

And the cool thing about having a husband that likes to steal the can start dropping comments about that really cool macro lens (or other thing) and he might actually get it for you! LOL. Mine wouldn't have a clue.

Carrie said...

Your pictures are AWESOME! I can totally see him pouting though, ha ha! My fav is hard to pick but I think the big tree at the plantation is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Charleston the best? You can go there a million times and never get the same picture twice :) I love your picture of the bridge through the windshield! That is such a cool picture! :)

Marcy said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! Bethany, I am glad you are having a good time!

Angelia Sims said...

Awesome you got a Canon Rebel! Great, great pictures. What a terrific trip. I was just thinking about you and wanted to come soak up some spiritual love from your page. What good news on the camera. I knew I'd get a lift here. Congrats!