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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our big snow day

We've had some snow around here. The children, and the giant children, have been having a blast around here. I have become a bit of a Facebook momma since Christmas (I got a new IPhone and have been joyfully breaking it in) but I thought it only fair to share some pics of the beautiful white powder.

 Here in Georgia we don't know what to do with snow. We only get a really good snow about once a decade, so when we do get hit, everything just shuts down. With the schools, many roads, and most jobs shut down on Monday, we enjoyed a day of peace and quiet.
 Well, maybe...
Someone was very awestruck when he woke up and saw six inches of snow outside his window.
So, the idea of peace and quiet went out the window.

Off he goes, into the wide blue, or would that be white, yonder.

 Zion thought he was big stuff being pushed by daddy on the big sled.
Mary Faith got in on the action.
This sled has been around for 30 years now. I tried to find the picture of Dad pulling me on it as a baby, but it seems to be MIA. Oh well. Just know that it held up well to Indiana winters, Colorado sledding and now some good GA fun. Second generation!
 Mom tried out the knee board
...and dad gave the Norwegian sled a trial run.
 Mary manages to look like a model, prancing down the runway, even in the snow.

So of course, I had to mimic her!
 Even Andy gave me the "hot stuff" face. Perhaps because it was so cold?
He had every right to be cold -
 He decided he wanted to be buried. Crazy man.

He does look comfy though, doesn't he?

 I had some very happy boys. 

 They LOVED the snow.


Josh'sWif said...

Looks like you all had a blast in the snow too! Plus a real sled? Beats us having to use a storage tub lids!

autumnesf said...

YOu got some really great pictures! Glad you guys had a blast. Now, if our snow would just go away I would be happy!

Carrie said...

As I said on facebook, you guys are the only ones I've seen with a real sled! Your pics are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I love these pictures!! Your kids are just precious, and it looks like all of you enjoyed the snow so much! :)

I wanted to thank you so so much for your encouraging words concerning the loss of Brie. I really appreciate it! There will come a time when we'll all be able to breathe more easily, but right now we're just learning how to breathe again. But thank you so much for your encouragment! :)

My parents bought me a Kodak Easy share camera. It's one of the best cameras you can get without purchasing a DSLR, and I absolutely love it! :) Enjoy the rest of you week! :)

EmileeHope said...

Hooray for the snow!!! Wish we could have been with y'all to enjoy it, but we did our best with what we had!

Great pictures by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Been wondering if all the family had been safe in all that snow/ice! pics are great memory-keepers....thanks for sharing! (we have 6" too--big deal! HA)

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Oh my gosh!!! So cute, I lovelovelove the photos you took! Especially the close-ups - very nice!
I am soooo jealous of your snow days (and it stuck around longer than a day too!). Your weather is very similar to ours and I know this was a treat (not for Delta airline passengers though). What wonderful fun.

And really? A new iPhone??? Do you have words with friends? I'm on Facebook too!!

<3 my iPhone!

firefly said...

HOW MUCH FUN!! We got a lot of ice down here, but are hoping snow will come next month!! :) Your photos are awesome! And tell Andy he has lost his mind, wanting to be buried in snow! Crazy man!! :)