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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pride, Sense and Little Prarie Women

 My baby sister slid "Little Women" into the Blueray player this afternoon. Parts of it were "too girly" for my boys, but most of it held their attention, especially once I told Canaan that it was during the Civil War. Since we have recently studied that era in American history, he enjoyed seeing the clothing, transportation and way of life from that time.
 I think he also enjoyed seeing four sisters growing up together. That story is familiar to him already, albiet from a different century. One slightly more recent. (although he does love to comment on the fact that I was born in the 1900's!)

 Now that I am living "at home" again the stories of the growing up years flow more freely. We have always read the Little House books, Little Women and the Austen novels and commented on the amazing bond of sisterhood. The four of us couldn't help but compare ourself on occassion to those litarary models.

 Always the oldest sister was the mature, wise homebody. Slightly boring at times, but consistent.

 Second born tends to have the limelight in all the books. Full of adventure and refusing to take no as an answer, she takes the world by force.

 The third often gets ripped off. Poor Beth March dies. Mary Bennett is a total geek. Even Carrie Ingles is, in Kelsey's words, "a wimp". Thankfully, Margaret Dashwood, of Sense and Sensibility, has a little energy and pizzazz or I think Kelsey would have given up on the entire world of literature. And although she dies, Beth March gets in some really fabulous lines during her time.

 And the baby of the family? Well they tend to be just that - the baby. Loved, adored and cherished. Who can resist them?

 I think there were moments in time growing up when the four of us took those roles perhaps a little too much to heart. Emilee may have truly wanted to BE Jo March for awhile. Free spirited and refusing to conform, it was a perfect role for her. I always considered my diabetes a parallel to Mary Ingels' blindness. I was a similar age when it "hit". I think she inspired me to take it with as much grace as she did. Kelsey rebelled wholeheartedly at being the wimpy third. She worked harder then anyone I know to prove herself strong, capable and healthy rather then similar in any way to those other characters. And Mary Faith - she was perfectly willing to go with the flow. Or at least, I think so. We never thought to ask her back then. She was, after all, just the baby.
 Then we grew up, and things changed. We were not the same. We are not the same.
 But that bond, that tie that makes us sisters - it never changes.

 This story, the story of four sisters, it cries out to be written. It seems to have been written over and over, by women through several centuries now. I read one just a few years ago about four sisters, daughters of missionaries in Africa. The bond between sisters continues to be book worthy. So the words stir in my head and ache to find release in my hand. Watching "Little Women" today was invigorating. It made me cry, and hold my little sister for just a moment.

 Then it made me want to start grabbing all these stories that restlessly stir around in my head. Grab them and finally put them on paper where they belong. Where everyone else can see them.  

 I know, I know. I am breaking the rules. Jo March and Laura Ingles were both second daughters. But Emilee doesn't want to write. I do. So we'll just have to see what happens.


Karen said...

Wow, Bethany...I would love to see you grab...and release...I will save a spot on my bookshelf...in hopes....

firefly said...

I, too, grew up with 3 sisters. I am # 2 in the bunch. I am the odd ball out, so to speak, the out-going social butterfly, while my 3 sisters are more intraverts and like to hold the wall up at gatherings. We read Little Women and Little House, too, while being homeschooled. We also compared ourselves to the characters in it.
I agree with you that the story of sisterhood is a classic. Each generation has a different story to tell, yet it is the same. But they are always fun to read!!
~ Kristina

EmileeHope said...

It isn't that I don't want to write, it is that I don't have the talent to do it! Maybe you could be my ghostwriter?!?

I love ya Meg/Mary/Jane/Elinor...my one and only (little) big sister...my Betsy!!

Abigail said...

please write your stories. please do. the little girl in me who always wanted dearly to be one of the Binkley girls would love to soak up every word. :-)

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

My big sister gave me Little Women to read when I was eight. I think it bonded us for life despite our almost nine-year age difference.

Wonderful story, and yes, four sister stories are something to set free. Glad you are listening to your heart. Can't wait to read.

Marcy said...

I think I would love to read a book about your lives growing up! I bet it would be such a good story. You are a really good writer!