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Friday, September 02, 2011

Rock and Roll (and sugar too)

 We started school really early, mostly because there was very little else to keep us entertained. Why not? Our original science theme for the beginning of the year was to study ways that humans have potentially hurt the earth, and ways that we can help repair her also.
 I miss my clothes line, compost pile and attempt at a garden. The least I can do is teach my children a little about taking care of the earth. So we talked about recycling, pollution, erosion, the thoughts behind the potential for global warming. Since we were still slotted for Alaska at the time, we did a special project on oil and water, and how they don't mix very well.

 It was fun to work with water, first adding dirt and watching it sink and separate,
  then adding oil and watching it float on the top.
Canaan separated it into smaller sections...
 tried to strain it out, and poured it into another container through a paper towel, 
all to no avail. It was an interesting experiment. 

He wrote a small report on his findings to show daddy. 

Even Zion was involved. He drew pictures of his impressions. 
 It was hot, (the front deck in July usually is) but a blast.

In August the Freeman grandparent's came to visit. 
We decided to visit Meramac Caverns, a large system of caves about an hour from our house.
 It was full of beautiful formations, like these reflecting in the water. 
  The boys were fascinated.

Happy Cave explorers! 
On the way out Grammy bought a science project to get us started on our next theme for the school year. 
Rock Candy!
 Growing and beginning to form it's fascinating shapes.
 Drained and beginning to dry.
 Beautiful crystalized sugar!

 Some intense studying.

 How can any child not want to eat that? 
(Don't worry, mine didn't get too! I did let them eat some of the scraps from the sides of the jar. I just couldn't imagine them eating an entire stick of sugar though!)

We have studied all forms and fashions of rocks, minerals and gems. 

We attempted to grow stalagmites and stalactites:

 Get a kid to taste Epsom salt. That is hilarious! 
 It is supposed to travel up the string, then as the water evaporates the salt will build up leaving a stalactite, and possibly even leave a stalagmite on the ground below also. 
 However, since we are living without many supplies right now, we had no string. Seriously. Andy found some parachute cord and we gave it a try. I think it needed to be cotton because we had no luck whatsoever. Sad times. 

We even created our own "rocks".

 Sedimentary rock is formed in layers. 
Delicious layers in this experiment!

 When pressure, 
 enthusiastic pressure,
 and heat (from the sun in our case)
 are applied, it becomes metamorphic rock.

 very delicious metamorphic rock!

Science has been a blast lately. It is September now. Time for a new theme. What sounds interesting?  



Mandi said...

Those look like fun ways to learn science! I'll have to store some of those experiments in the back of my mind for when Landon gets older. You're a good teacher and momma!

EmileeHope said...

Looks like fun!!! Miss y'all soooo much!!!

Carrie said...

You do fun stuff!!!!! I enjoy the pictures of the cave because I don't think I will ever go into one!

Michelle in Mx said...

Love the picture of the caves. That is something I want to take my kids to. I've been in caves before, but they never been . . . what fun!

Yes, looks like lots of fun!

Angelia Sims said...

I love it when parents make science fun. I think science is fascinating. One of my favorite memories with Sydney was helping her with her science project. We - ahem, I mean she - got honorable mention.
Great pics!!

Aly said...
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Aly said...

Bethany, would you like to teach me geology instead of my professor? ;) We are studying rocks right now, and his explanation went way over my head. If he had gone the route you did, I would've understood it in a second! ;)