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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The new time...?

I am just wondering if my boys and I are the only ones affected by this time change. I have never really understood why we still do the whole "spring forward and fall back" thing. I lived on a farm, and it really didn't help there either - it is not like the pigs understand and just gleefully accept that they are going to get fed an hour later because the time has changed. (but, by the way, when I lived on a farm it was in rural Indiana, and they don't participate in the time change. Pretty much the entire country does, but not Indiana - those rebels!! (brilliant, if you ask me)) I thought the whole idea behind it was to make access to sunlight easier, since it will get brighter earlier in the day. But it doesn't really help, because now it gets dark really early. It's not like it increases the actual amount of daylight during any given day. Canaan has been up at what he thinks is 7:30 every morning, same as usual. The problem is that now it is 6:30, and since I have stayed up until 11 or 12 new time, which was 12 or 1 old time, I really have no desire to get up.
I must admit though that there are some definite positives though. Since I am up, I get stuff done. I have accomplished more in the mornings this week. This morning we made bacon, eggs and biscuits, set up a train set that covered nearly the entire living room, watched Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed, practiced shapes and colors, Mommy worked out, as well as cleaned up the breakfast mess, made our beds, and Canaan ran the vacuum in his room, all by 11 or so.
It is currently 11:45, I am still in my sweaty work out clothes, and I could happily retire for the day now. Maybe I will feel better after I finally get a shower and clean clothes! I guess I will go work toward that goal.


mom0ktdid said...

The time change is awful...though I have slightly experienced the increase of get things done that you have. At first the day seemed to fly by...it was 2 and we were just eating breakfast. But I think thats because we were exhausted from our trip. Now, I am waking up "wide awake" before 7 in the morning, and getting up, checking email, eating, etc, all by myself! before noah wakes up. He hasn't been getting up earlier, I think also bc of our trip...we were just so tired and sleep deprived from being in a hotel (does anyone else's kids actually sleep well in a hotel or is just mine who are attached to their home beds?). When we were in Nashville I was so confused about what time it was! We were there the Saturday that the time changed, so did we gain two hours that night? lol. since they are already an hour ahead? On our way home it was just crazy, I was like "so what time is it anyway?!" We have been adjusting our time an hour since we have been here, now it is really that time? If this sounds confusing it's because it WAS! lol.

Mel Eik said...

Sorry to break it to ya, but we here in Indiana we do now change time. (Thank you Mitch Daniels.) So we just fell back, just like the rest of you! I actually like it...I think I am the only Hoosier that can say that, but I do. Oh and btw, Bethany, I don't remember you having any pigs :)I do remember lots of cats and Fazolis and TCBY yogurt :D

Christina said...

My kiddos were affected as well. Christian has been up around 5:30 (new time) each morning. Ansley has actually been waking up before 7 (you know how she loves to sleep in, like father like daughter), and Kylie, well she's still Kylie, does what she chooses when she chooses; so she just gets up when she wants. Thursday morning it was at 3AM, and wouldn't go back to sleep. Hopefully they will get used to it soon.