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Monday, August 10, 2009

Something most of you already know...

This past week has been a very full one for our family.
As I mentioned in the last post, Andy got home on Thursday. His parents drove down to see him on Saturday.
Depending on how long you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been struggling with "blackouts" over the course of the last year. The neurologist declared them to be most likely atypical migraines and put me on a low dose of Topomax. But there was always the potential that they were a minor seizure, or something else. That, along with my diabetes, was a huge part of the reason I went to stay with my family while Andy was deployed.
Around 8:30 Sunday morning, after spending some time with his parents, Andy realized that it was a little late for me to still be sleeping and came to check on me. I was in the middle of a full seizure.
I don't remember anything.

He yelled for his Dad, who helped him roll me onto my side and stay calm until it ended about five minutes later. Then they put socks and shoes on me, put me in his parents van and Andy and his Mom took me to the ER.

I don't remember any of that either. The first thing I remember is pulling up to the ER and Andy saying something about "when he was gone" (speaking about Afghanistan) and I was so confused. I couldn't figure out where he had been, or where I was, or anything.

They got me in right away, took blood, did a brain scan of some sort... but basically it was a waste of our time. They did give me really strong pain meds, and for that I am grateful. My head HURT!

They just called the neurologist I already see, who told me to up my dosage and come in to see him in two weeks. And that is what we are waiting for now.

We called my Mom, who put it on Facebook, so several of you knew I was in the hospital before I was fully registered. But for those of you who aren't FB friends with my Mom, sorry I disappeared this last week. I have been fine. The day after the seizure I felt like I had run a marathon. Every single muscle in my body ached and throbbed. Now I am just tired - Topamax does that!

I am just grateful that it worked out the way it did. It could have happened before Andy got home, when it was just me and my 6 and 3 year old at home. Bad. We had my in-laws there, one to stay with the kids and one to come to the hospital with us. Andy was home, and trained in first aid, so knew not to freak out, or worry about me swallowing my tongue or any of those old wives tales. If I had to have a seizure, that was the day to have it, and the people to have it with.

God is good. I am hopeful for a full diagnosis as to why... and drugs to prevent a repeat occurrence. Until then, I just take it one day at a time, and don't trust my brain to be responsible for much!


Tricia said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have been praying for your family. I will start praying specifically for your health. Thank God for His protection in the midst of this. When you see the neuro, request an EEG and if that does not show what is going on, request a QEEG. But even then, with all they know about the brain, there is a lot that they still don't know. God bless.

Kathryn said...

I am so glad you are ok. I got really worried when I saw people commenting on your facebook account but there were no updates or anything on YOUR account. (runs to find your mom on facebook so I can add her too) I will be praying for you and your family. HUGSSS

Carrie said...

I am also very happy about the timing...that is the number one biggest blessing in this situation in my opinion!!!!!! SOOO thankful everyone was there with you!
Also... if they don't have some information for you I think you need to high tail it to a SECOND opinion!

Jennifer said...

Bethany! So sorry- your crazy body puts you through too much! I don't comment a lot but I enjoy keeping up with whats going on the world of the Freemans' by reading your blog. Hope you find out whats wrong and no more scary seizures!

Oh and SOO glad Andy's home and safe- tell him Trey and I say hey and welcome home!

Anonymous said...

So glad we have an update..Abby caught it on face book & she is home now....so thankful someone(Andy) was with you...we'll be praying you get some answers SOON! Love ya'gal. God bless you family Indiana Diana

Kelli Williams said...

Bethy, I love you!! You know you're always welcome to carpool with me to Mayo Clinic. ;)
Seriously, I love you. Be careful! And if this neurologist doesn't work out - let's find a new one. Praying for quick and ACCURATE answers! God bless your brain!

Marcy said...

Bethany, I feel like I am totally out of the loop. I will be praying for your health. I know that is so scary and I can't imagine how you feel. I am so glad that Andy is home now.

Daniel & Heidi Hicks said...

WOW...what a crazy thing! So glad for God's timing and when he let it happen.... we are continuing to pray for you and for the docs to find the problem.
Love you girl!

autumnesf said...

God is good! So glad he had all the right players in place when you suffered this! Hope answers are coming quickly.