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Friday, February 05, 2010

Failure! - amended

See bottom for addition...

My friend Carrie has been talking about "make overs" recently, so I was inspired last night to create a new header for my blog. I actually want to create an entirely new layout, but I need a little technical help with that (Nikowa, want to drop me a line with some advice, hint hint).
For those of you who are regulars here, you may notice that there is nothing new about the header. So, what happened? I went searching through my folders of photos for a few good shots to use on my new header. After a quick glance through I couldn't find any family photos. Hmmmm. That's strange. So I decided to do a more in depth search.

I found the four of us with my side of the family, soon after Andy returned from Afghanistan.

I found the four of us with Andy's side of the family, at his brother's wedding.

But after searching every single folder from 2009 I had to sadly admit to myself that there isn't a single shot of our family. I can make excuses for myself. "Hubby was in Afghanistan for five months". That gives me some leniency. "I was diagnosed with epilepsy..." hmmm, that one might be pushing it a little, since that has NOTHING to do with photography. Oh yeah, I remember my main excuse! "We were supposed to have five people in our family before the end of the year."

Still, I sure do with I had a picture of the four of us.
Oh well - too late now.

Mommy gets a big fat F in "family picture- 2009."

The first comment after I posted this blog was from Carrie, who insisted that she had a family photo of us on her fridge from THIS year. So, I pulled out a folder of Professional pictures that I keep stored somewhere else and discovered this...

January, 2009
Thank goodness for J.C. Penny!


Carrie said...

WAIT! Didn't you get get photos made right before he was deployed? I'm pretty sure I have one on my fridge! You went to JCPenney or Sears right? Can you scan some of those??? You do NOT get an are always prepared with your camera!!

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll help in any way I can! :) Just let me know what your ideas are & I'll coach you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the same day we did the family photo someone took a picture of the 4 of you.... ask the sisters.... btw... I understand the part about not having your 5th person... that's one of the reasons I didn't write a Christmas letter this year. hopefully we'll have that 5th little person real soon... mom

Carrie said...

Yay!!!!! (although it barely counted being in January! ha ha!) That photo is awesome!

actually...I'm not sure I DID get one of these. the one on my fridge is older, though I remember seeing these I don't think I did actually get one. huh.

EmileeHope said...

I guess this is something you can work on for 2010, getting some family photos.
Even though our "family" is only the two of us, we hardly ever get pictures together-so don't feel bad, getting four together is I am sure twice as hard!!
Basically we have to go on vacation somewhere to merit the occasion of a photo, and even still it is hard to get the two of us together in the same shot because we are normally alone, so they are just my famous self-portrate style shots!! (Boy's just don't like to get pictures anyhow, at least not our boys, so that doesn't help much either!!)