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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Belated Easter pics

I finally got around to looking at the Easter pictures that I uploaded last week. I had barely glanced at them, so when I finally did, I certainly enjoyed the show!

This is a long tour of pics, which I suppose is mostly for my family since no one else really cares to be tortured.

Preparing for the first hunt - at Grammy and Poppy's

Canaan and his new "hand on hip" pose

Zion finally got the hang of hunting -

Their Easter baskets - full of goodies

Canaan's bunny eraser

Zion had control of the camera for awhile - this is his self portrait
The family shot: the boys with Andy's parents

After Saturday and Sunday morn with Andy's side of the fam, he had to head south. So, he dropped me off at my sister's, where most of my family was already partying!

First the boys hid the eggs for the grown-ups.

Emilee got pretty enthusiastic
Then the boys got to hunt
(for some reason, I just love this shot - something about the tilt of his head, like he is studying his brother...)

Zion was a pro by then...

Of course, the classic Binkley foot shot - Canaan wanted to be a part too

The three sisters who were "home" - and yes, I know that I cut myself out of the pic, but it was just so cute of my sisters, that I had to post it!

Em and Zion

Kelsey and Canaan

Last, but not least, a family shot of the four of us.
Good times!


Carrie said...

It was such a great Easter weekend! The weather was awesome! Great pics, I wasn't bored!!!!

EmileeHope said...

Love the pics! (You didn't mention the fact that I was totally posing in that pic!! I was pretending to be Mary from a few years ago...since she wasn't able to be there!)

Karen said...

These are so cute....

Tricia said...

Looks like fun!