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I am happily married to an amazing military man who spent 9 years enlisted and is now an Officer in the US Army. We have two amazing boys who are not so little any more! They still infuse every moment of every day with creativity and energy, and make my life an adventure.  I was educated at home, and am now teaching our children - second generation homeschoolers! I try every day to become more like Jesus Christ, and to love like HE does. If you want you can try and catch me at bethylovesandy@yahoo.com

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"For the Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 NKJV 
The Message translation puts it this way "God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding."

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slightly less then moral

What can wake you from a "comfortable" sleep, when spending your first night ALONE with your children in a new house - no other adults? Husband still in Afghanistan. Parents and siblings returned to their proper abodes - alone. Well, I suppose pretty much anything could wake you. But nothing will wake you more completely then an alarm that you have never heard before.
I went from dead asleep to sitting straight up in the bed, ready to run and grab my children. My first thought was fire, then tornado, then I started thinking clearly enough to realize the alarm was coming from my very own bed. It seems I had managed to roll over on my insulin pump in just the wrong way, for just the wrong amount of time, to set off an alarm.
Never done that before. Good to know... Wish it hadn't happened at 6am, my first night alone in my new house! However, since I was up I decided to check my kids, make sure they were breathing. Check the locks. And, as I was taught by my mother, who was taught by her mother, and I assume it goes back generations from there, "If you are awake in the night, God has a reason for it. So, start praying. When you have prayed for the person you are supposed to, you will be able to fall back asleep"
Always works for me!

I have had some very "I am woman, hear me roar" moments in the last couple of days. I used some tools. Climbed in and out of the attic with some fairly heavy boxes. Hooked up the DVD player, some of the surround sound system (need more speaker wire to finish), and one of the game systems, then watched an old black and white Cary Grant movie while sorting through old paperwork and receipts. Loaded the lawnmower into the back of the truck ALL BY MYSELF, then unloaded it too. Then, to top it off, a big nasty roach dared to show it's face in my domain... and I killed it. I didn't scream and run. I didn't let it get away. I killed that sucker. Tomorrow, I will have to call the exterminator, but for tonight I can sleep knowing that I conquered.

I have pictures to post, and more stories to tell, but I am still "borrowing" the internet. I guess I should send a shout out to whomever of my neighbors is considerate enough to have 1.) A strong enough wireless signal that I can pick it up, 2.) Not have a security password setting!
I am trying to be considerate and not use their internet too often, but the cable company cannot get out here to hook mine up until Tuesday, and I would have some serious withdrawal between now and then!
When mine is up and running, (and hopefully faster then this tail end of a signal I am stealing) I will post some pictures. Until then, I am thinking happy thoughts, something along the lines of "soon, Andy comes home soon"!


Abigail said...

i'm proud of you bethy. and i also pray that your days of having to do all this on your own come to such a quick end! come home soon andy indeed!

Tricia said...

So glad the alarm you heard was nothing seriously wrong. Praying for you and yours. God bless.

Carrie said...

Wow! I can't imagine how unnerving that was!!!!
I can't believe you are stealing internet access! JK!

Kelli said...

I have two comments...

A) Old Carey Grant movies are wonderful.

B) I am so ptoud of you for killing the roach, hooking up the TV and moving so much heavy stuff! You are an amazing woman, Mrs. Freeman. :)

Love you! So glad you're getting your sweetheart back!!! :D