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Monday, October 12, 2009

Laundry on the line

My friend Autumn was venting a little the other day about some of the negative things about living on base, like not being able to have a clothes line.
The next day I was outside cheerfully hanging two whole loads (minus socks, which go in the dryer, and underwear, which are hung inside to dry) on the fabulously huge line I have in my backyard.

But as I hung out the clothes I was reminded of my own military complaint, and felt the need to vent just a little myself.

Who came up with the bright idea to have light tan colored t-shirts under the new AF camo? I would like to suggest that it was not a "grease monkey", nor someone married to one, who thus has to deal with their laundry. Because yes, that shirt is already clean. Sad, sad times...

I don't have any real complaints against the uniform itself. At least it doesn't have to be starched and ironed, like the old one. However, light tan does not mesh well with black oil, hydro fluid, and about a million other nasty things (including Georgia RED CLAY) that get smeared onto a "grease monkey's" uniform every single night out on the flight line.

(Look at the back of his shirt. How does he manage that?)
Can't be bleached - Drying out on the line, with the sun's beautiful rays doesn't seem to help.
Even my homemade, all natural Borax detergent hasn't beat the grease. (and trust me, ALL wasn't doing a thing)

I give up.

I am pretty sure they will change the uniform eventually anyway. Until then, he just wears stained ones for as long as he can get away with it, then we buy new ones.
At least we always have plenty of old t-shirts in the rag pile!


Carrie said...

I love the last thought! The cleaning rag pile! Awesome! I love your line, it is so cute and your yard is AWESOME!

Dawn said...

Why don't they allow clotheslines? How about putting one up in the cellar - that is where mine is : )

autumnesf said...

Thats just WRONG to show me your awesome clothesline!!!

Dawn - there is no cellar. I could only wish! LOL! And I have no real idea why they don't allow clotheslines.

Lucky for me hubs flightline days are over and I don't have the stained shirts. While living in the red clay I did use a product by Ritz Dye that was called Iron Out or their Whitener Brightner (which would have optical brightners and therefore be off limits with the uniforms I'm thinking). You might try the iron out and see if it works some. Test it on one of the rag bin shirts.

Now, if someone could just tell me how to get the fuel smell out of the flight suits I'd be really happy.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Dawn dish detergent works for me and a little pinesol. I know...crazy! But I deal with bicycle grease. Drives me nuts!! And that works on old stains for me too that have already been washed....never know!

Wow...We had a clothesline on base when I was a kid. So so odd!! AND I CAN'T have one in our n'hood now. UGH!! I would LOVE to have one!!

Carrie said...

So... I think it should be illegal to ban people from doing things that are good for the environment...like conserving energy by using a clothesline. I think someone should get on that somewhere!

Also...I love your new thought at the top right..about doing nothing. Profound words!

Our Family said...

You might want to try blue Dawn dish detergent... may work. I love the line though.

.. said...

Ha! I laughed and remembered all the shirts of my dad's that looked just like that, grease, manure, burn holes from welding, etc. I remember my mom used to use Lestoil (like Pinesol, the floor cleaner) with my dad's clothes, and it worked about the best on grease. Sounds like someone else has already discovered mom's secret weapon, though.


LisaAnnB said...

cute blog! I'm also an AF wife, but don't have any grease stains or fuel smells to deal with LOL. I was wondering what/where your recipe is for the laundry soap you use. Thanks!