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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Llama, Llama

Addendum added to last post: I did not stop reading altogether during the last two months. There was LOTS of reading being done during the school day for both Canaan and Zion, and before bed, etc. Just wanted to clarify that!
Now, on the new post.

It is a beautiful, but slightly disconcerting thing as a mother to have your child read a bedtime story to you. It is a sacred duty and right to tuck them in, read them a book, say prayers and get that last kiss before they drift off.

Canaan has his assigned reading for school which we do during the day. Practicing different blends and reviewing Fry's list. He is a slow reader, with lots of words that he still has to sound out. I struggle with frustration when he has to sound out the same word, three pages in a row. "How do you not remember it? You just read it on the last page!!"
As the last post discussed, I devour books. He, like his dad, seems to look at them as a necessary evil.
But just in the last week or two he has started having FUN with reading. Parts of it are still work. The words that don't follow the rules - and there are quite a few of them if you really think about the English language - are the bane of his existence, but books are starting to be less of a chore. The Berenstain Bears and Little Critter hold his attention, and I am thrilled. I don't mind sitting with him and helping, if he will read without complaining

I got our new Scholastic order in today. New books always suck me in. It seems that they hold the same power over my children. Both boys have been drawn to the stack all afternoon.
After supper tonight Canaan volunteered to read a new book, "Llama, Llama, Red Pajama" to me. I didn't ask. He just started reading it while I cleared the table.
He had a few struggles - (Have you ever tried to sound out patient? It really is just a word that has to be memorized) but he read the whole book to me while I cleaned the kitchen. When he was done, I told him he was going to have to tuck me in now. He laughed, and so did I.
But inside, I almost cried.

My baby is growing up.

Luckily, I still have another baby. I read the book again to him while big brother took his shower. What will I do when he learns to read?
I guess first he has to speak clearly enough for us to understand...
Oh well. One thing at a time~

In the meantime, they still need me for "The Hobbit". I am so glad to feel needed.


Karen said...

Such a sweet story....

Carrie said...

awwwwwww....what are we gonna DO?!!
When our eyes get all tired out we can take turns resting and read to each other Bethany...lol. Even over the phone. :)