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Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Harry Potter recap

When the second person in three days (strangely enough, both of them male) called to ask me when I was finally going to write a blog about my feeling on Harry Potter, I decided perhaps it was time.
I think that most of you know I started the series because I read a blog saying that they, and other books with wizards, vampires, or magic in general, were evil. I couldn't just assume that, especially since I have read some fabulous books that include magic (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit) and even Vampires (I know some will disagree, but I think the Twilight series is very clean, and touches on some deep subjects). The above mentioned men in my life (my BIL and my hubby's best friend) had been trying to get me to read the HP series for years now, but somehow being told I shouldn't was the inspiration I needed.
So I read them.
The first one is definitely a children's book. Easy to read, entertaining, and ending in a way that lets you know there is more to come. I wasn't hooked yet, but definitely enjoying them.
By the third one I could have told you that Ron and Hermione would end up together, and that Harry would love Ginny.
But I didn't know how very much I would love Dumbledore, how I would CRY when he died. Or how long I would cling to the hope that Severus was not truly evil. Over and over I held to that hope. Perhaps it is a personality thing, but I had to keep hoping for him, even when it looked like there was nothing left to hope for.

There are so many easy to point out similarities between the story of salvation through Christ and the Harry Potter series. One willing to sacrifice himself for the good of all, who dies, and them comes back to life, in this case because of his purity of heart.
I think what struck me over and over was not the main characters, choosing sides for the fight. Dumbledores Army were fighting against Voldemorts evil minions. What bothered me was that there were people who didn't fight. They just sat there, and waited, and watched from the sidelines, either in fear, or simple inability to pick a side. (or perhaps just waiting to see who won?) Often Voldermort would put a spell on them, making them work for him, even if they didn't mean to. I can't come up with that word right now, but it was like a brain washing spell.

I feel like that is a good description of a large portion of our country today. They aren't evil. Not fighting in Voldemorts army, trying to destroy the world. But they aren't choosing to fight for good either. They are just laying back, watching and waiting, and running around in their self-centered little lives. Self-centered being the operative word there.
When we aren't choosing to fight for good, we leave ourselves open to the brain washing spell. We can be taken over to work for the lord of lies, without even knowing it.

The books were well written, entertaining, and clean, which is harder and harder to find. The first two were fairly simple, but they got deeper, both in vocabulary and in thought as they went.
Most of all, they made me think. They reminded me that NOT choosing a side is NOT an option.
Not only do I have to choose a side, and fight for it with all my heart, I need to remind those around me to do the same.
Please, don't be lackadaisical. Make a stand. Be visual. Be vocal.

Just in case I haven't made it clear before - I am in the Lord's Army.


autumnesf said...

I havent read the series because when it first came out and was so popular we were in independent fundamental churches that just BLASTED books with magic. Heck, they blasted everything.

Now that I am recovered from a lifestyle that focuses on all the things we are AGAINST instead of what we are FOR - well, I still get told I'm not much of a Christian because I read and love sy-fy and scary stuff.

Good thing my spiritual life isn't dependent on people huh?????

Maybe one day I'll read these.

And I love the insight on those that don't choose sides.

And as a second point to yours....its important that we don't fight other armies that aren't the enemy....and assume they are just because they march with a different military.

Marcy said...

That was a really good review. I think that people also need to realize that the books are fictional and if they think that it will be a bad example to let their children read them, maybe they should consider just explaining the difference between make believe and reality to them. But, you are right, there are a lot of good traits defined in these books and JK Rowling is such a good writer. I know that there were many times that I would read a line in the book and just have to stop and feel amazed at how she said it. Thanks for your insight, Bethany!

Tricia said...

I enjoyed reading your review of the HP books. I have long believed that they are not evil as so many people think, but have no desire to read them. Your review is intriguing enough that I might change my mind and read them. :)

Carrie said...

just as I thought, my comment didn't survive the trip through the world wide web. ha.
just so you know, I tried to comment last night! :)
This is a very well written, non-offensive, smart, and insightful review.
I love the parallels you made, but I am still not interested. HA!

EmileeHope said...

I am glad you finally read them. I really enjoyed reading them, and I have a special love for them since this series is that got Kevin really into reading. Now he reads all the time!! (We should really invest in stock in Borders and B&N-because we practically live there!!) Before this series, he claimed the only thing books were good for was kindling! (Oh! The INSANITY!!)

Karen said...

This was a very well written review...loved your insight....