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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pause for a moment to brag

I know every mommy says this, all the time, but MAN, they sure do grow up fast.
Canaan is officially 4 feet tall now and 58 pounds. He is one solid boy!
Our big event which made me stop and take a pause happened yesterday in the late afternoon. You see, he moved from the white belt to the gold belt in his Tang soo do class. I know, I know, it is just one step... but still.

My friend, Ginny, teaches the class out of her home. Canaan's age group currently has three kids in it, and all three are in a different belt level. I think that makes Canaan work harder, trying to keep up with the two that have been in it longer.

Daddy was able to come along and "cheer" for his boy.
(Doesn't he look enthusiastic? - hiding from the camera... as usual)
And of course, little brother was a big help....

The weather has been horribly hot and humid here - so we were very thankful that it was in the low 90's yesterday. You never think you will be grateful for a temperature in the 90's! Anyway... she didn't make them wear their full uniform for the testing.
First you warm up.
I love his face in this pic - so enthusiastic!
They did some parts of the test as a group.
But each had to do their own "solo act".
Presentation of the new belt and certificate.
The group showing their respect and appreciation.
(Look at his face! I don't think he has gotten that part down yet?!)

Group shot of the teacher, her helper and the three little new belt earners.
The one with the new green belt is the teacher's daughter, and she has learned a lot living with the teacher! Wow!
Canaan is so excited that his uniform is not plain old white any more.
Yeah Canaan!!


Karen said...

Way to go, Canaan!

The pictures are great, as always....

EmileeHope said...

Good job Mr. C!!! Auntie Em is so proud of you!!

Carrie said...

Yay! That is so cool!!!!! And I am pretty sure he doesn't have much prospect for growing out of "that face"....ha ha..I am almost positive that even when the dads are not making that face that they are secretly still making it on the inside! ha!

Tricia said...

Congratulations Canaan!