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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A first!

Today was a big day for my bigger "little man".

Canaan lost his first tooth!
He has been wiggling and wiggling over the last couple of weeks, making me do a wiggle check every day. He has really enjoyed grossing his Daddy out, since Andy can't stand the feel, or even the sight, of a wiggling tooth. But, tonight when he went to brush his teeth before bed, his tooth simply popped right out. Luckily, he caught it - rather then letting it go down the drain with the toothpaste. Near tragedy averted, it is neatly saved, waiting for Daddy's praise and approval. I told him the tooth fairy will have to wait a night or two, since his special tooth holder that the dentist gave him is in Daddy's truck, and Daddy's truck is at work with him all night long.
Canaan doesn't mind. He is too excited about losing his tooth to care about trading it in for a prize. He has discovered that the one next to it is loose too - joy joy!!

Our Christmas pictures this year are going to have a couple of "gaps". Fun times!


Karen said...

Way to go, Canaan!

Carrie said...

That is so cool! Katie and Noah will be thrilled. But be prepared mommy, by next Christmas he isn't going to look anything like a "little" boy anymore :)

Josh'sWif said...

Aw, how exciting!! Such an exciting thing for a kid...Anistyn saw my niece go through her tooth phase and has asked me when she's going to lose hers...

EmileeHope said...

He showed me his loose tooth (several times!!) over Thanksgiving weekend, it looked like it would be going soon! How adorable!! I forgot how exciting that was!

Anonymous said...

AWE I just love those snaggle-toothed grins! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay first tooth!!!!! I told we should do the door trick but he didn't like that idea...lol

Aunt Mary =)