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Friday, April 10, 2009

Ukrainian Eggs

Last Sunday was a day full of learning for me. When I married Andy, I was very aware of his heritage. I am hugely interested in family history and the wonderful traditions that are inherited and passed down through time. However, I had never been able to experience much of his heritage. 
 Andy's maternal grandfather was the first person in his family to be born in the USA. His parents and older siblings were all born in The Ukraine. So their Ukrainian heritage is very recent, and very strong. Last year, Canaan was able to make his first Ukrainian Easter Egg. This year, both Zion and I got to make our first. 
 I was very busy learning how to do it, then creating beautiful art, so I didn't get too many pictures but here are a few steps along the way. Enjoy!

First coat the parts of the egg with wax that you want to remain white.
 Careful, the griddle is hot!

Dip the egg in the dye (starting with the lightest color first)

Repeat the wax and dip, wax and dip steps over and over through every color. 
After your egg is complete, remove the wax by holding the egg over a lit candle, the wiping clean with a cloth. 
One of Canaan's works of art. 

Zion's second egg. He got bored after just a little color. 
(His first egg was kept at Grammy's, on display with Canaan's first from last year)

 This is my second egg. My first was a little overextended. 
I think I tried every single design possible, all on the same egg. 
Oh well;  you live,  you learn! The second was much better. 

 The boys also had wonderful Easter "baskets" and an egg hunt at their Grammy and Poppy's house. 
 The "baskets" have been a huge hit. Candy is wonderful, and all that jazz, but the hats take the cake! 

Zion proudly showing off his hat.

Canaan already putting his hat to good use during his egg hunt. 


Carrie said...

That looks so fun! They are awesome grandparents...they always think of fun things to do!
Love the hat/basket idea.

autumnesf said...

Love the hat idea!!!

The eggs are beautiful!

Hubbie and I really don't know anything about our heritages...so we just pick up random stuff at each assignment.... LOL

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Looks like fun! I love the eggs-but not sure if I would have the patience for it! It sounds like a lot of work! (My egg would look like Zi's!!) See ya this afternoon!!

Karen said...

The eggs are beautiful and the hat idea is so cute! Perfect thing for little boys....

Alicia said...

Those eggs look great! A fried of mine is going to the Ukraine this summer on a mission trip. She went last year too and absolutely fell in love with the country and the people. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog too!