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Saturday, April 04, 2009

A womb full of love

 I found my Mom sitting at the dining room table this morning, writing on the back of red envelopes. Several different red envelopes. Of course, my curiosity was peaked. My mom has been known to do things, well, for reasons that don't always have an easily identified justification. 
 But this seemingly odd project - it had a purpose. A strong, powerful, needed purpose. Once I saw, and had it explained, I joined in. And I thought to myself, perhaps my friends here would like to join in too. 
 However, tonight when I logged onto the website that explains the whole thing, I was distressed to discover that the project has been called off. I am torn, really, as to whether or not I can allow that to happen. 
 I guess first I should back up a little, and explain what the red envelope says. On the front it is addressed to: 
 President Barack Obama
 The White House
 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
 Washington, D.C.  20500

 With nothing inside, the back flap simply says: 
 "This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Life begins with conception." 

 Simple, yet profound.
 You see, Obama and I, we come from different sides of the road. Politically, I refuse to claim a "party". I like to think of myself as open enough to do the right thing, vote for the right thing, no matter what the party. 
 But Obama, despite his ability to be green (which I am strongly supportive of), and his promise to end the war (trust me, if he can accomplish that, and my hubby doesn't have to spend half his life on a different continent from me - hurray!) despite that, he is not on my happy list. Because I think that all human life is sacred. And yes, I mean all human life - including the ones in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and in jail cells across this country... but that is another discussion all together. 
 I believe that ALL human life is sacred, and should be protected. After losing a child at six weeks along, I dare someone to tell me that my baby wasn't a baby - try it, and see if you walk away able to see straight. I can promise you that I will have you crying - not in pain, because violence really isn't my way - but in sympathy for the life of a child that was wanted, and desired, and lost. A CHILD. 
 Obama decided that federal money should pay for some women, in other countries even, to be able to kill their children. That literally and physically hurts me to think about. He is also working to reverse the Conscience Clause, or at least portions of it, in which doctors can refuse to give treatment based on moral objections. (ie: right now, they can refuse to give an abortion... if this changes, it is possible that they will not be able to refuse) Coming up in the next few days, the 30 day comment period will be ending. 
 Consider commenting. It is a mixed up, wordy mess. It probably needs "fixed". It does not need to be repealed. Because, as the article pointed out, "President's Obama's intention to change the language of these protections would result in the government becoming the conscience and not the individual. It is a person's right to exercise their moral judgment, not the government's to decide it for them."
  We only have our rights as long as we fight to keep them. I believe that LIFE is one of those rights that our forefathers fought for with bravery and wisdom. Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness were others I remember them mentioning. 
 Nowhere in there do I remember them having a byline for "the right to kill our children when they are an inconvenience". If that were the case, very few children would survive being two - if mothers were allowed to kill their children when they are that age, it would be a very bad thing! Trust me, there are days when even the best mothers consider it! 
  Pray about LIFE. Decide if you should take action. If nothing else, give the children in your life a kiss, and a hug, and be thankful for them. 
 Even on the days when I think I might like to kill them, if they don't kill me first, I am so very very VERY grateful for my children. Even the one that I never got to hold. Especially the one that I never got to hold. 


Carrie said...

Well, congratulate me because I didn't stop reading after the beginning! ha ha! JK
Why was the project canceled? You know I don't want to click enough to look it up myself, that might take me on some political website! :) love ya! Very well written post!

Kelsey and Travis said...

I read about this and was so excited. Why did it get called off?

Andy's Bethy said...

I posted the link to the page so that people could see why it got called off... but I guess I will just explain it on here too.
The "Red Envelope Project" received a pair of cease-and-desist letters, and there is an apparent trademark on "Red Envelope". For those two reasons, the project is shutting down. The final sent estimate is 1,688,081. But I don't think that includes the 4 that our family sent. So make that 1,688,085.
They do ask that you continue to pray. Please- check out the website http://redenvelopeproject.org/

Carrie said...

oh yeah, red envelope is a company. Corey got me something one time from there for my birthday...

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I was filling those out this morning and they should go out this afternoon. Although they can stop the official website, I don't believe it would be legal to stop you from mailing a letter. As far as I know that is still legal in this country! Freedom of speech is one of our greatest rights in the beautiful country of ours, it is what makes me angry at times because of what people say, but the beauty is, I can say what I want also!!