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Friday, January 08, 2010

Birthday pictures

I have pictures! Zion's birthday may have been almost a month ago, but I say it is never too late for a you to enjoy the pictures, right?
My wonderful friend Mary, who made this amazing cake, was a creative genius for Zion's party too.

She also took all of these pictures. Not only is she a talented baker, she has an eye for photography too! (plus, she is just an all around wonderful friend)

First out little knights and princesses decorated shields, preparing themselves for battle.

After they girded themselves, they spent some time playing with Zion's new castle.

Remember the moment of unveiling? It is one of the only pictures of his birthday that I took!

After a quick meal, and some gift unwrapping,

it was time for the knight's quest. (plus, I needed something to keep the kids busy while Andy went out to buy candles - which somehow I had forgotten)

Our volunteer dragon.

He held up under the enthusiastic beating the knights felt was needed in order to thwart the dragon.

Our reigning king holding the "Holy Grail"...

and having a bit of an "over stimulation" meltdown.

He just needed a little attention from his "best friend", the dragon.

All better!

Girls, getting in the swing of a boy party - wrestling on the floor! I LOVE it!

But of course, this was more to their liking. Dancing in a circle.
Geez, I need a girl in this house to balance out all the testosterone!

And of course, we finished off with some cake!
Yum Yum!


Kris Senger said...

that is the greatest birthday ideas!

Karen said...

Great pictures!

Carrie said...

My favorite photo is the candle blowing one! SUWEET! What a fun party! You're the best mom!

Josh'sWif said...

The party looks like it was so much fun! I wish we could have been there!

Anonymous said...

AWE he's so big! :)

& that cake is awesome!

Tricia said...

Awesome cake. And the way the girls participated and dressed like princesses is priceless!