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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a peek

I got a haircut, and some new highlights today. That's really not that exciting. I did add a little bit darker highlights then usual, instead of only blonde. But that's not the story...
What is always fun when I get a haircut is that they LOVE to blow dry and straighten my hair. I don't know what the fascination is for every stylist I go to. Is it just the challenge? "Is her hair even tamable?"

So, here is a peek of what I look like with straight hair.

Enjoy it while it lasts. You won't see it again for another six months or so!

When I got home, ready for Andy to exclaim over how cute I looked, his first response was "Is it going to stay that way?" (meaning straight) Not, "You look great honey", or "I love those new highlights" - just "Is it going to stay that way?" What? Did he think I permed it straight? I guess it is good to know that he likes my hair curly, (since I am not about to straighten it on a regular basis!) but it sure is frustrating to spend several hours getting your hair done and have that be your only response...


mandy said...

I know the feeling! Of course sometimes it is fun to realize it actually does straighten, even if i don't like my hair straight...it is fun to run your hands through without getting tangled.

autumnesf said...

Curly hair just seems to add character and depth to looks. Don't know why. Wish I had curly hair.

And guys are clueless about haircuts. So I never comment on Hubs haircuts (which gets old at once a week) and now he always comments. Hah.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great... BUT
I love your curls too and I think I would have said something like Andy when I first saw it so don't give him too hard a time. mom

Anonymous said...

It's pretty but I'm partial to curly :)

Carrie said...

I think you look a lot more like Emily with your hair straight like that. I think it's cute, and I don't know how much trouble it is to straighten curly hair, but I can imagine because I even straighten mine and its already straight! ha! so i imagine it would be crazy and annoying. VERY cute, now post a pic of it curly and freshly cut, we never get pics of that!

Tricia said...

The hair cut and color looks good.

Josh'sWif said...

I love the cut and color! Nothing like spending a few hours getting your hair done...I'm ready to have mine done!

I'm guessing the Freeman men have a lot in common. So very very sweet, but compliments are hard to come by here too. Ah well, we love them for many other reasons!

EmileeHope said...

Oh that Andy!! Men! What are we to do with them?
Love the new cut! I think it is fun seeing it straight, because it is different!

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! Your Stylist did really good at straightening your hair =))) I love the dark highlights as well!!!