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"For the Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 NKJV 
The Message translation puts it this way "God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding."

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Words from the saints of the past

I seem to be on a quote "kick" right now. It comes from reading... surprise!

Besides all the novels I read, all the time, I am also reading a book called "Practicing His Presence". It is a compilation of letters, journal entries and remembered conversations from two very different men. One, Brother Lawrence, was a monk in the mid 17th century. The other, Frank Laubach, was a missionary in the 1930's. But they both had the same goal. The same goal that the apostle Paul had. That we, as Christians, should all have.
To spend every moment with God. Every moment.
Not just church on Sunday. Not just our devotion time in the mornings. Not just a quick prayer before meals. Every decision, every thought, every breath shared with Him. As you tie your shoes, talk to Him about where you going today. As you wash the dishes, not only thank Him for the food, and the dishes themselves, but simply talk with Him, as a friend. When you are conversing with friends, don't kick Him out of the conversation. Obviously, you aren't going to hear an audible voice chiming in when you are yapping with the ladies at playgroup... but before you offer your opinion on whether "so and so better keep her kid in line", ask Jesus to keep you in line. Every moment.
I think this passage sums it up fairly succinctly:

"There are three questions which we may ask: "Do you believe in God?" That is not getting far. "The devils believe and tremble." Second, "Are you acquainted with God?" We are acquainted with people with whom we have had some business dealings. Third, "Is God your friend?" or putting this another way, "Do you love God?"
It is this third stage that is really vital. How is it to be achieved? Precisely as any friendship is achieved. By doing things together. The depth and intensity of the friendship will depend upon the variety and extent of the things we do and enjoy together. Will the friendship be constant? That again depends upon the permanence of our common interests, and upon whether or not our interests grow into ever widening circles, so that we do not stagnate. The highest friendship demands growth. "It must be progressive as life itself is progressive." Friends must walk together; they cannot long stand still together, for that means death to friendship and to life."
Every moment.
I read "Practicing His Presence" years ago - when I was 19 or so. At times what I read now seems "well duh" to me, and I am so very grateful that I was encouraged to read it when I was young, so that it has become habit already. But I have needed the reminder - I have gotten lazy in my attention to my Savior and best friend.
And it shows.
"I cannot get God by holding Him off at arm's length like a photograph, but by leaning forward intently as one would respond to one's lover. Love so insatiable as the love of God can never be satisfied until we respond to the limit." Every moment.


EmileeHope said...

True, these are things we know, but do we really keep them close to our heart like we should? Every relationship requires effort to make it grow and develop. Which is what we have with God, a relationship. That is one thing I love so much about our religion, it isn't just a distant deity that we fear and obey, it is a loving relationship between ourselves and our savior. We obey Him out of adoration and respect. What an awesome God we serve!

Anonymous said...

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