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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A double rainbow

Sometimes, when the rain is falling so hard that you think you will never see the light again, is when you see the most beautiful rainbows. Maybe the rainbows are brighter when the storm is darker. Maybe colors really are clearer when seen through fog. Maybe it is just because you appreciate the rainbows more when the rain has overwhelmed you for awhile. Whatever the reason, the Freeman family had a brilliantly colored double rainbow yesterday. Even though the rain isn't over yet, the light is definitely shining through the clouds. And I am awestruck. 

Our first rainbow came early in the day yesterday. The results for the Staff Sergeant test came out, and Andy passed. This means a promotion and a raise, as well as a strong plus to add to the package for OTS (officer training school), which is where he is hoping to be this time next year. Andy barely missed the staff test last year, and we were VERY discouraged at that point in time. This year, when the time came to take the test, he studied some, but since he was also taking college courses, didn't have as much time or energy to put into it as last year. Then, the day of the test, he found out that the study guide that he had was missing a full half of the information. So, he went into the test knowing that he had not studied for half of it at all - had never even seen the information. (it was mostly technical data on several planes that were recently added to his career field, and that he hasn't ever worked on) So, we tried not to have any hopes for this year. Finding out that he not only passed it, but got a good enough number to be in the first wave of promotions (he will become a staff sergeant next month, as soon as he finishes this six week course he is currently 2 weeks into) was absolutely breathtaking. Not that he hadn't earned it. If promotions were based on work ethic and the opinion of your overseer, then Andy would have had it last year, or earlier. But a huge part of it is based on a written test, and we all know how Andy and tests get along.  

My second rainbow came near the end of the day. My fabulous neighbor Amy watched the boys and a wonderful woman from church, Cheryl,  came and picked me up so that I could go to the Neurologist for my EEG.  That was a pretty short test - slightly slimy, and leaving me in great need of a hair washing, but nothing horrid. Then, wonder of wonders, they said that I should wait and that the doctor would discuss the results with me. THAT SAME DAY! I had quit expecting answers, so I was completely shocked. I had to wait about 30 minutes, but after six weeks of being baffled by my body, 30 minutes really wasn't too much to suffer through! He said that my MRI and EEG were clear, which was a good thing. No tumors, blood clots, aneurysms (sp?). I was trying to see the good, but was mostly sad, because I thought that meant we had no answer still. Then he said the magic words... "We can't completely rule out seizures, but I am pretty sure this is an atypical migraine" Migraine???? I only have headaches with these things about half the time. Seriously? But, I wasn't going to turn down a diagnosis, even if it seemed wrong. What do I know? I haven't been to medical school! He put me on a medicine that is used preventively for both migraines and seizures, (Topamax) so both of the top two possibilities are covered. I will increase the dosage slowly over 4 weeks, then see where we are. 
 I have been surfing the internet this morning (between schooling Canaan, building train tracks and watching a few minutes of the Olympics) and I am beginning to think that the Neurologist could be right. I am not completely convinced, but it has possibility. If you would like to read about atypical migraines, click here. I have several of the symptoms, (dizzy, flashing lights, nausea) but I am not sure that migraines really explain the "alternate reality" thing that has been happening inside my head. Although I did read that some people have hallucinations during the "Aura" part of a migraine. I seem to have the Aura part only most of the time, and only rarely have the headache! I guess I shouldn't complain. Anybody else who read this have migraines? My grandfather had them, so that covers the genetic part. Also, anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis (I am flattering myself. What I should say is, Carrie and Mom) do you remember when I blogged about the 3 day headache in June? Maybe that was the first migraine?
 I think I am a little bit in information overload. At the same time, I am just so relieved that I am not completely out of my mind that I can't help being happy. My favorite quote of the day from the doctor comes in response to my question, "How long will I be on this medicine - will this be a lifetime thing?" His response was that we would try it for a year, then slowly wean me off and see what happens because "You are young  - you could still outgrown this". I had no idea that I could still outgrow things at nearly 30 years old, but I am thrilled to learn it! 
All in all, I am in awe of my rainbows. My dryer is still broken, and the checking account is lower then I would like and Zion still pees his pants too often, but my Savior has blessed me beyond measure. I am happy. Joy was never completely lost, but happiness slipped away for awhile. Once again, I AM HAPPY.

Four years later... a little update. They weren't migraines. They were later diagnosed as localized partial seizures... although I think they change their mind on what to call them every time I see a different neurologist!
Please, see my "Made in His image" page to see the latest news in the ever changing brain of Bethany


mom0ktdid said...

I couldn't wait until Wordless Wendesday was over and you would blog about this! What a perfect picture for your double rainbow day!
I am SO happy for you and can't wait to hear how the medicine works out!
How funny that you started having "wordless Wednesday" on the day you got your answers?!
God is so GREAT!

KT said...

That is wonderful news!

Because of all that the Son is, we have been given one blessing after another - John 1:16

PS...you blog is a blessing to others

Marcy said...

Yay Bethany! I know you have needed answers and hopefully this will take care of things and you can return to your "normal" life! (I mean, how normal is anyone's life?)

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled that you finally have some answers!! I hope that this medicine will really help, and that knowing will ease some of the stress that you have been under!



Kelly said...

YAY! Answers are good!
And I only have the horrific pain/nausea migraines. They suck.

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