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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Itchy, itchy itchy

I despise cardiac monitor adhesive. Hate, abhor, dislike with all my being. 
 Okay, all better. I just had to get that off my chest. haha... wish I could truly get it "off my chest". I really don't think I will make it 30 days. That is a long time to itch! The technician did order the sensitive skin adhesive for me, so hopefully that will come soon. I am not sure it will fix the problem, but it will hopefully be slightly better! 
 Anyway... I was at the Cardiologist yesterday. They did an echocardiogram, and set me up with this 30 day event monitor. I just hit a button if I feel a spell coming on, and it records my heart rate for about 2 minutes. I then call a phone number, and play the signal back, over the phone. It is pretty cool, really. Annoying and itchy, but cool. 
 I actually had a pretty big episode last night, and got it recorded. The recording ended before the episode did... so I don't know if that is a problem or not. I really don't think my heart is the problem anyway, so this is probably just a waste of time. Oh well... it doesn't hurt to eliminate possibilities. 
 I now have an MRI scheduled for next week, and and EEG for the week after that. Hopefully we will be educated soon. 

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Kelly said...

THIRTY DAYS!?!??! It gives me a heart attack to just think about it. I mean, come on, I'd rather they just super glue the things on me than put whatever awful stuff that is that makes up the adhesive, onto my body. Duct tape, you know it would hold, and it would have to itch less.
What happens if, after a couple episodes, they can already tell it's not the heart? Do you then get to take it off sooner? Because if so, I'm praying even harder that it's not the heart! The adhesive is just so awful. Let me know if the sensitive stuff is any better, so I'll know to ask for it if the need ever arises again.