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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swing time

 Our family has a reputation when it comes to swings. 
 I had a rope swing break when I was kid - that was the first time I broke my tailbone. A porch swing broke with mom when she was hugely pregnant with Kelsey and scared us to death. Emilee broke her nose trying to do a trick on a swing. Just the other day, Canaan's horse tire swing came out of the ceiling while he was riding it. At least two other porch swing "incidents" pop into my head, and that is without having to push too far into the recesses of my memory. 
 So, when Mom asked for a new porch swing for Mother's day, we wanted to make sure we got the strongest, toughest, most secure gear available. 

 We made sure we secured it all the way through the wood, instead of just into the wood.  
 We bought the chain link attachments rated to hold 800 lbs each
 We thought that we were prepared for anything, so we decided to enjoy our swing. 

Anyone care to guess what happened approximately 15 seconds after I took this last picture? 

 The entire piece of wood that the swing was attached to split in half

 That is just the way the Binkley luck works with swings.
Perhaps we shouldn't use them anymore?

 (They aren't posers, are they???)


Anonymous said...

How old is the deck? I think it may be the problem. Either that or you guys should cut back on icecream and chocolate (JK). The deck has been there since the house was built and probably needs to be replaced. If I remember correctly, it was not built with pressure treat either, so if replaced it would be a good idea to make sure that happens. (Sorry Soapbox).

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a double glider bench would work for your family. Oh and the kids, well instead of swings maybe teeter totters...LOL

Marcy said...

That's so sad. Hopefully y'all can get it all fixed up!

Carrie said...

oh no!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!!!!
That is just ridiculous! Maybe you should google this situation to figure it out! ha ha!

autumnesf said...

Maybe you should just skip all things swing? Somebody is trying to tell you something.....LOL!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Sadly, I am not surprised!! That really is just our luck!!

Karen said...

I LOVE porch swings...but we had the same problem as your family before so now we just use the rockers...

Kelli said...

Haha! Carol Anne fits right in at the Binkley house. :)