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Friday, August 06, 2010

Looking back, and forward too

I have so many things I want to share, but I just don't have time! So, this will have to be a "recap" post of the last week. (and a bit of an excuse making for why I have been MIA from blogland lately)

 Wed-Fri last week my friend Amanda came over and spent some time with us. Her hubby is National Guard and is deployed right now, but comes home on R&R  in just a few weeks now She is looking for things to do to keep her from losing her mind in these last days. The countdown is always so frustrating! I certainly don't mind helping her find things to do - Spend time with me!!

 Here are our youngins at the Bass Pro Shop

 She drove me up to N. GA and dropped me at my parents.
I went to a performance of Act 1 Theatre's "Hi Tops" on Friday night.

We attended a family wedding on Sat.

Canaan and Isa were the Bible carrier and flower girl at Kelsey and Travis' wedding two years ago.
Look how they have grown!
(Isa is Travis' neice, and the groom at Saturday's wedding was Travis' brother)

On Sunday I was sick with a slight fever, and sore throat. I actually took a nap while my mom took my boys to the cast party for Act 1. Wasn't that good timing? I love being "home" when I am sick.
 Monday we spent with several misc. friends, and somehow I manged to take ZERO pictures. Failure!

 But Tuesday, Tuesday was an adventure, and I was a picture taking maniac then.We went to the Chattanooga Aquarium, and it was a blast!

Have you ever seen a sea dragon? A starfish that big?

Inside a fishtank with Uncle Travis.

Canaan loved the turtles. I loved his reflection in the glass, looking back at him.

Zion and his Aunt Kelsey were mostly inseperable.

They got to pet a stingray - although he was a little afraid of it at first, she finally talked him into it.

I think he was a little shocked!
Canaan even got to feed one - but I had taken Zion to wash his hands (the little germaphobe) and missed that picture!

In the butterfly room I got one to sit on my finger almost right away.

Canaan really wanted to catch one too, so he patiently stood there, finger outstretched - just waiting.

I showed him how to help the process along, and he finally had some success!

We saw Penguins... the real kind too.
And after it was all over, we got to play in the beautiful, free water fountains outside.

What a week!

Mom brought us back to Daddy late Tuesday night, took us shopping on Wednesday, we recovered on Thursday and today we cleaned all day because.... our good friends we were stationed with in CA have come to visit. Nicole, Quentin and their SIX children are here to visit for the weekend.
 Whew, we have a full house. Pictures will be coming!


autumnesf said...

Looks like lots of summer fun. I love visiting with friends!! I think the separations from so many friends is the hardest part of our life. Luckily I will get two days with Tricia -- here and Fignewton should get in tonight about dinner. Having Butterfly has been like old times.

Carrie said...

I love your pics of the aquarium. We really enjoyed having our membership there list year. Speaking of camera...I have got to find my charger! I've been without for WEEKS now, just taking pics on my phone. ugh

Karen said...

Awww...great pics as always...I LOVE Canaan's expression with the butterfly on his finger...

Anonymous said...

OMG those water fountains are new! I had no idea they were there. :)

Looks like you had a blast!