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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday

 I am running a little late today, and though the early bird may get the worm, better late then never, right?
 I am allowed a few overused and trite phrases on occasion...

 Last week the thing that started this whole "Waste not, Want Not" idea was Canaan's desire to use a cereal box for a project. I think what inspired that was our use of cereal boxes last year.

 They make wonderful closet organizers. Just trim off the top, and down the sides, and, voila, a free magazine holder.
 Old magazines that you just can't bear to part with yet... cereal boxes to the rescue.

Newspaper articles that were interesting... cereal boxes to the rescue.

Big boxes like Cheerios work best, especially for magazines, but some of the smaller ones can find their uses too. Guideposts are nice and small, if you want to keep them - but as the magazine suggests, I tend to pass it along rather then keep it.

 There are three of them on the third shelf down, surrounded by coloring books.
 Unfortunately, this post is revealing that I do feed my children un-organic, sugary cereal more then I would like to admit - and have the boxes to prove it. At least they are serving a greater purpose!

You can buy others, many different places. Just a quick search online found these adorable ones. 
These are only $14.99, plus shipping, and will probably last longer. However, mine are free, and use something that would otherwise just be trashed... or possibly recycled. (depending on who you are, and where you live)

 That green circle you see everywhere you go, the focus is on first Reducing, both our waste, and perhaps even more importantly, what it is we think we need to "survive". Then, those things we still think we need, Reuse as many as possible. Make those things earth friendly, people friendly, next generation friendly, and use them over and over. Real wood, clay, stone, metal and glass, rather then plastic when possible. Lastly, when it cannot be used anymore, and there is no other option, Recycle it. 

 Please, whenever possible, do not just throw things away. Our children have to live here, and unless Jesus returns, their children will too. God commanded Adam and Eve to care for the garden. They did not keep the one rule - to not eat from the one tree. And we have not kept that first request given - to care for creation. 

 So, keep those cereal boxes around - there are more ideas for them coming later!


Carrie said...

Very cute! I always mean to do this with mine but don't ever do it. I bought a pack of 5 from Ikea for $5 I think. They are just a thicker plain white cardboard. I should have used cereal boxes..I am thinking I could stack the boxes inside each other to make them even more sturdy!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing, Bethany...

Marcy said...

That is a really smart idea, Bethany! I may link to this post on my blog because I love the idea of using the cereal boxes. I bought some of those at Ikea and they were pretty checp, but your idea beats it!