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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Adventure

Our Thanksgiving day was wonderful, and I will have lot of pictures of it later, but we are still at my parents, and time is short. For now, I just wanted to share one story.
There is a saying I heard once, "It isn't really a holiday, until someone has called the Fire Dept." Well, we got to live that one on Thursday.
Late Thursday evening, after full bellies, washed dishes, several rounds of dominoes, and then some more eating, I set Zion in front of the television downstairs. All of the adults were upstairs, playing board games, talking on the phone, etc. I had checked on him once, but after a little while, Andy suddenly goes "Do you smell smoke?"
The answer to that question was a definite "YES". No parent ever wants to hear those words.
Andy and I both went running down the stairs. My parents have a gas heater in the basement, so our first assumption was that Zion had stuck something in the flame there. He has never touched it before, and knows he is not supposed to, but that was the first thought.... however, there were no charred remains of anything near the heater.
That made is a little more scary. If it wasn't the heater, now we started thinking electrical fire, hidden wires, something smoldering - So, I called 911. They, of course, tell us to evacuate the premises.
All of this had taken less than 5 minutes so far, and had included sending Canaan upstairs to find my Dad, (who was on the phone with his parents) and who came running with the fire extinguisher. It had also included sending Zion upstairs, where he had sat with Kelly, a friend of the family, and cried, and babbled, continiously. (We assume now that he was probably trying to confess... but she certainly couldn't understand what he was saying!)
Anyway, while I was looking for coats and shoes for our children to "evacuate" with, Andy, somehow, had the brilliant idea to open the microwave that my dad keeps in the basement to make hot tea with. This is what he found, after the smoke cleared....

It use to be a lint brush. It belonged to my great grandmother in the 1960's, and has been used to brush lint off clothing in our family for 5 generations. (yes, I am serious)
Now, it is charcoal.

I can promise you that it doesn't take long to turn plastic into charcoal in the microwave, because Zion was not down there by himself very long, and the microwave was not running when we starting smelling smoke and ran down there.

I called the Fire Dept. back immediately, and they didn't even come. The excitement was over. Now we just had to deal with the stink of burnt plastic.
Side note....The smoke detector didn't even go off!
That was our Thanksgiving adventure!

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mom0ktdid said...

oh, poor guy, I can picture him sitting there crying and trying to confess! It would be funny if he actually remembers this when he is older!
I would have let them come on so at least the kids would get to see the fire truck! ha ha!